MSD200-200 industrial dryer, high temperature 35 ~ 200 degree celsius

Customers need to use a 200oc high-temperature dryer with a drying chamber volume of about 100 liters, 200 liters, 500 liters or larger from 1 m3 to 5 m3, Mactech Dryer now offers many models of high-temperature dryers 160oc, 200oc and 300oc for civil and industrial applications. Customers who need the reference information for each product or need to manufacture machines according to their own design, please contact Mactech. In this content we will learn about MSD200-200 high temperature dryer in detail.

Msd200-200 high temperature dryer, 35 - 200 degree celsius, used in industry

You can learn about more other industrial dryers in the below table to choose suitable dryer:

MODELs of Industrial Dryer Input Capacity Temperature
MSD100-160 industrial dryer ≤ 10kg 35~160oc
MSD200-160 industrial dryer ≤ 20kg 35~160oc
MSD500-160 industrial dryer ≤ 50kg 35~160oc
MSD1000-160 industrial dryer ≤ 100kg 35~160oc
MSD2000-160 industrial dryer ≤ 200kg 35~160oc
MSD3000-160 industrial dryer ≤ 300kg 35~160oc
MSD100-200 industrial dryer ≤ 10kg 35~200oc
MSD100-300 industrial dryer ≤ 10kg 35~300oc
MSD200-200 industrial dryer ≤ 20kg 35~200oc
MSD200-300 industrial dryer ≤ 20kg 35~300oc
MSD500-200 industrial dryer ≤ 50kg 35~200oc
MSD500-300 industrial dryer ≤ 50kg 35~300oc
MSD1000-200 industrial dryer ≤ 100kg 35~200oc
MSD1000-300 industrial dryer ≤ 100kg 35~300oc
MSD2000-200 industrial dryer ≤ 200kg 35~200oc
MSD3000-200 industrial dryer ≤ 300kg 35~200oc


Components of the MSD200-200 industrial dryer

The High temperature dryers require better insulation of the machine wall, a thicker cover, and heat resistance as high as 300oc. The machine’s components include an inside 304 stainless steel frame, 300oc heat insulating material, circulating fans, heater unit, high-temperature sensor, electronic control box, electrical box, wheels, door lock, moisture release mechanism, and some other components. Users can easily replace the parts of dryer when necessary, warranty time is 2 years.

Application of the MSD200-200 industrial dryer

This is an industrial dryer with a drying temperature range as high as 200 degrees Celsius, so the main application today is used in the industrial fields to dry industrial materials and parts. However, customers can still choose to use both civil and industrial.

– Use in the Industrial field: water drying and heat treatment for materials such as paint, wood, plastic, mica, silicon, steel, molds, circuit boards, and components of machines…
– Use in the Civil field: to make products with plant materials such as instant nuts, cereal powder, and granola…including legumes, chia seeds, macadamia nuts, walnuts, cashews, almonds, and very many other nuts… The drying process must ensure that the seeds are dried and crispy and can eat.

Msd200-200 high temperature dryer, 35 - 200 degree celsius, used in industry

Technical parameters of MSD200-200 industrial Dryer

Model MSD200-200
Advantage  All-in-one, automatic drying process
Drying mode circulating hot air
Control system Manual+Auto / LCD screen
Drying process  fully automatic, multi-stage drying with different parameters
Input capacity  ≤ 20 kg/batch
Drying temperature  35°C ~ 200°C
Tray area  1.4 m2
Shelf spacing  60mm
Heating medium  Finned Tubular Heaters
Number of trays  6 pieces
Tray dimension 60*38*2 cm
Heating rate ≤ 30 minutes (without fresh material)
Power requirement  2.5 Kwh, 220V / 50Hz
Installation area (m2 4 m2
Machine outside dimension (W*L*H) 80*60*120 cm
Machine inside dimension (W*L*H) 60*40*60 cm
Trays material SUS 304, plate, hole ∅4mm
Shell / Frame material Outside: Powder coated steel / Inside: 304 stainless steel
Wall thickness 100~120 cm
heat insulation material heat resistant 300oc
Weight of machine (kg) 130 kg
Manufacturer Mactech VN
Warranty time 2 years

msd200-160 industrial dryer suitable for drying material

Here are some pictures of industrial components those are drying in the dryer at 120~140oc. The common drying temperatures range from 100 to 200 to ensure basic technical standards such as dryness, expansion testing, surface heat treatment, and some other standards … In the fields of industrial production there are many components and materials that need drying and heat treatment, so please contact Mactech Dryer directly for information and advice.

heat temperature dryer used for motor components and industrial part

The advantage of Mactech industrial dryer?

  • The machine is durable and stable, small noise
  • The machine is very well insulated, inside 200oc, the outside is lower than 50oc.
  • Multi-stage drying mode at different drying temperatures and time
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive electronic controls
  • Users can easily replace components when necessary.
  • Nationwide warranty service, at usage place.

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