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Mushrooms are one of the foods rich in nutrients, and are also one of the indispensable medicines in traditional medicine. There are many types of mushrooms in the world, but only 10 types of mushrooms are edible and some types of mushrooms are used for medicinal purposes. Mushrooms can be used immediately or after drying, usually mushrooms will be dried for long-term use. Traditionally drying mushrooms such as sun drying, fire drying or using modern mushroom dryers like today will improve the quality of dried mushrooms for use in food or in oriental medicine.

mushroom dryer, drying for mushroom

The Edible mushrooms such as wood ear mushrooms, button mushrooms, cat ear mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, straw mushrooms,  termite mushrooms, seafood mushrooms, lingzhi mushrooms and mushrooms used to treat diseases such as cordyceps, lingzhi mushrooms (Ganoderma mushrooms), etc. …Most of these mushrooms are dried for easy storage and use. Mushrooms are soft-bodied plants, so they can easily spoil in a short time when not properly preserved. Therefore, when transported long distances and used in medicinal remedies, the mushrooms are completely dried, the color, flavor and effects of the mushrooms are maintained after drying.

dried mushrooms

To dry mushrooms, We can use traditional methods such as sun drying, drying with charcoal… however, the drying time is long so the quality of the mushrooms will decrease a lot. Nowadays, with modern technology, mushroom dryers are used more, the quality of dried mushrooms is better because of the fast drying time and  uniform drying temperature.


Advantages of mushroom dryer compared to traditional drying

A mushroom dryer is a specialized device for drying mushrooms. In addition to drying mushrooms, you can also dry vegetables, fruits, and grains, herbal. With many great advantages, dryers are used more and more to dry mushrooms supplied to the market.

  • The quality of dried mushrooms is much better when dried in the sun or dried with charcoal.
  • Drying by machine will preserve the color, flavor and effects of the mushrooms better.
  • Faster drying time, improving production efficiency.
  • Drying by machine is cleaner, without light, preventing bacteria or insects from sticking to the surface of the mushrooms.
  • The dryness of mushrooms is higher than traditional drying.

Medicinal dryer, quick drying, preserve color, medicinal properties

Common mushroom dryer

You can order a mushroom dryer according to specific requirements to suit each type of mushroom or You can use a food dryer to dry mushrooms very well. Below are common hot air dryer models for mushrooms, vegetables, fruits… for your reference to choose the right one.

Models Capacity Temperature
MSD100 ≤ 10kg 35 ~ 95oC
MSD200 ≤ 20kg 35 ~ 95oC
MSD500 ≤ 50kg 35 ~ 95oC
MSD1000 ≤ 100kg 35 ~ 95oC
MSD2000 ≤ 200kg 35 ~ 95oC
MSD3000 ≤ 300kg 35 ~ 95oC
MSD5000 ≤ 500kg 35 ~ 95oC
MSD10.000 ≤ 1000kg 35 ~ 95oC

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