MST100 Freeze Dryer, suitable for drying about 10kg, used in industrial

You need to dry less than 10kg of many products such as fruit, food or medicinal herbs, and probiotics… with drying characteristics that keep the shape, natural color, and nutrition … let’s think about the MST100 Freeze dryer of Mactech, that suitable for small and medium scale production. Freeze dryers always provide dried products with high quality such as keeping the original shape, keeping the color, and preserving the nutrients in the product. The current new-generation dryers have applied the principle of increasing heat according to pressure in the chamber, improving drying efficiency, and shortening drying time.

mst100 freeze drying machine, used to drying about 10kg

You can see more another freeze dryer in the table below

MODEL Input Capacity
MST30GD freeze dryer ≤ 3kg
MST50GD freeze dryer ≤ 5kg
MST100 freeze dryer ≤ 10kg
MST150 freeze dryer ≤ 15kg
MST200 freeze dryer ≤ 20kg
MST300 freeze dryer ≤ 30kg
MST500 freeze dryer ≤ 50kg


Main components of the MST100 freeze dryer

Each MST100 freeze dryer is composed of a vacuum chamber with shelf, trays, vapor condenser, refrigeration system, vacuum system, heating system and control system. All components are assembled and installed in the Mactech factory in Ha Noi, Viet Nam, and ready for use in customers’ place, no need extra installation service. The video below will help you better understand the freeze dryer.

Application of the MST100 Freeze dryer

Currently, the freeze-drying method is only use for drying products with high requirements about shape and quality such as durian, yellow flower tea, probiotics, seaweed, and Cordyceps mushroom… Therefore, to apply it in real life, helping everyone get high-quality dried products, the MST100 freeze dryer is a suitable choice when you need to dry 5kg up to 10kg raw material.

We should use freeze drying machine because the advantage is crispy drying of all ripe fruits such as durian, dragon fruit, pineapple, banana jackfruit, ripe mango, melon, ripe avocado…, not only dry and crispy but also keep Natural shape and color, keep flavor and nutrition, that’s why freeze dried products always have high prices in the market.

Freeze dryer is suitable for fruits, vegetables, Cordyceps mushroom, meals, meat, shrimp, fish, seafood, pets food, herbals, plants extraction, coffee, milk…..  drying anything that you want to dry and keep its original shape.

carot freeze dryng, crispy, natural color, use for powder

Technical parameters of MST100 Freeze Dryer

Model MST100
Advantage  All-in-one
Drying mode according to Pressure
Control system Manual+Auto / LCD screen
Drying process  fully automatic
Input capacity  10 kg/batch
Condenser temperature  -45°C
Shelf temperature  -40°C to +50°C
Product cooling  in the machine
Product lyophilization  in the machine
Shelf area  1.2 m2
Shelf spacing  55mm
Heating/cooling medium  Multi-mixed liquid
Heating/cooling exchange  Heat exchanger
Number of trays  6 pieces
Tray dimension 34*55*2 cm
Vacuum pump  DRP – 600
Ultimate vacuum  < 20 Pa
Chamber vacuum rate ≤ 40 minutes
Compressor Danfoss 
Refrigerant R404A/R508
Cooling way Air cooling
Power requirement  5 Kwh, 380V / 50Hz
Defrost way By heat
Installation area (m2 5 m2
Chamber dimension (W*L*H) 130*110*160 cm
Chamber / Shelf / Trays material SUS 304
Shell / Frame material Powder coated steel
Weight of machine (kg) 300kg

freeze drying durian, Crispy , moisture 0-5%, natural color

The advantage of freeze dried food product?

1, 100% natural without additives and preservatives.
2, Moisture after drying is 0~5%, dry and crispy.
3, The color and shape of freeze-dried food is beautiful.
4, The nutrition is freeze-dried food would not be lost.
5, The flavor or smell of freeze-dried food is great!

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