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Mactech Vietnam Technology Joint Stock Company is a manufacturer and distributor of dryers in Vietnam for manufacturing fields from fruit drying, food drying, vegetable drying, medicinal herbs drying, drying seafood… to drying industrial components and raw materials. Having spent many years manufacturing dryers from popular products to high-end, complex drying equipment, we are confident that we can very well meet the drying requirements of customers nationwide and in various produce fields.

Mactech Vietnam Technology Joint Stock Company is a leader in the field of manufacturing and supplying modern dryers for vegetables, food...


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Currently, Mactech Vietnam Technology Joint Stock Company is providing key products which are dryers used for manufacturing fields in both civil and general dried products, in the component drying industry and also for drying the High-quality products, great value, in the laboratory, medical… Depending on the field of production and the desired dried product, the Customer chooses the appropriate drying equipment according to usage requirements.

Below are the dryer groups of Mactech Vietnam:

 1. Ciculating hot air dryer

Hot air Dryers, also known as multi-function dryers, are the most commonly used drying equipment today because the suitable drying products are things that are very familiar to us such as dried fish, dried chicken, dried beef, dried pork, dried vegetables, cassava flour, dried turmeric powder, dried bamboo shoots, dried sliced fruits, dried vermicelli, dried vermicelli, dried fruit, dried jackfruit, Dried bananas, dried jam… All products only need to be dried normally, and dried at moderately low temperatures from 40oC to 100oC, then use this dryer line.

cách sấy bò khô, bò khô sấy như nào, máy sấy bò khô miếng

 2. The industrial dryer (high temperature)

Unlike hot air dryers, The industrial dryers have a high drying temperature range from 40oC to 160oC or up to 300oC depending on the specific drying application. If you need to dry and dry crispy grains (ripen), collectively known as a cereal grain dryer, you need to use a drying temperature range of 40~160oC to ensure effectiveness. When you need to dry or heat treat industrial materials, components, plastics, mica, silicon, paint, plating, fibers… you need a higher drying temperature range, 200 or 300oC depending on Units used.

máy sấy dây vải dù, sấy nguyên phụ liệu may mặc

 3. Heat pump dryer

In contrast to high-heat dryers for industrial production, cold dryers (heat pump dryer) are used to dry products that need to be dried at low temperatures of 15 ~ 50oC, such as drying vegetables for powder including pennywort, celery, moringa, spinach, perilla… and dried thinly sliced tubers, dried fruits to make fruit detox tea, dried starch to keep beautiful color, dried bird’s nest to keep natural white color…. Depending on the specific requirements and each type of product, customers choose a suitable and effective dryer.

rau má sấy lạnh khô giòn để làm bột rau má

 4. Freeze dryer (freeze drying machine)

Completely different from the above dryers because normally if you dry vegetables, fruits, dried meat… things with a soft texture, most of the dried products will shrink, decrease in size, and become deformed. But with a sublimation dryer, freeze dryer, it is completely different. The dried product will retain its original shape and color, especially the dry, brittle texture, extremely low moisture, only 0 – 5% moisture. Therefore, this drying method is mainly applied to drying high-value products such as cordyceps mushrooms, dried durian, crispy dried fruits, lotus-infused tea, probiotics, and spirulina powder. ..The drying temperature range will change continuously from -30oc to 50oC and dried in a vacuum drying chamber.

sầu riêng sấy khô giòn, xốp, máy sấy hoa quả khô giòn

Some pictures for reference

Below are some pictures of Mactech dryers at Customer’s factories. You can see more in the Customer Reference section of this website.

công ty cổ phần công nghệ mactech việt nam, tìm hiểu các dòng máy sấy hãng mactech

công ty cổ phần công nghệ mactech việt nam, tìm hiểu các dòng máy sấy hãng mactech

công ty cổ phần công nghệ mactech việt nam, tìm hiểu các dòng máy sấy hãng mactech

công ty cổ phần công nghệ mactech việt nam, tìm hiểu các dòng máy sấy hãng mactech

công ty cổ phần công nghệ mactech việt nam, tìm hiểu các dòng máy sấy hãng mactech

trường đại học đà lạt, sử dụng nhiều máy sấy hãng MactechVN như máy sấy đối lưu, máy sấy lạnh, máy sấy thăng hoa

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Mactech Vietnam Technology Joint Stock Company, referred to as Mactech Vietnam, we will increasingly strive to further improve the product drying quality of each drying equipment and each group of dryers available today. Surely in the near future we will develop other technological devices to better meet the needs of customers.

Customers please contact Mactech Dryer directly via the Hotline on this website so we can provide appropriate and effective consulting information. Thank you for learning about us.

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