MSD3000-160 industrial dryer, temp 35~160, used for civil and industrial

Msd3000-160 is a model of large high heat dryer, large industrial dryer with a drying chamber volume of nearly 3 m3 which is very suitable for industrial production scale for drying 200~300kg of products depending on type. With a drying temperature of 35~160oC, you can use the machine both in Civil and in Industry because suitable drying products will include many seeds that need to be dried crispy, dried meat products, dried components such as electronics, plastic, mica, material … Below are the specifications of MSD3000-160 industrial dryer.

MSD3000-160 industrial dryer have 2 independent chamber, suitable for drying up to 300kg

You can see more another industrial dryer in the table below

MODEL Input Capacity
MSD100-160 industrial dryer ≤ 10kg
MSD200-160 industrial dryer ≤ 20kg
MSD500-160 industrial dryer ≤ 50kg
MSD1000-160 industrial dryer ≤ 100kg
MSD2000-160 industrial dryer ≤ 200kg
MSD3000-160 industrial dryer ≤ 300kg


Components of the MSD3000-160 industrial dryer

The High temperature dryers require better insulation, a thicker cover, and heat resistance as high as 250oc. The machine’s components include a sturdy frame with 304 stainless steel inner layer and heat-resistant powder-coated steel, 250oc insulation material, convection fan, heater, high temperature sensor, electronic control box, electrical box, wheels, door lock, moisture release mechanism, and some other components. Users can easy replace the parts of dryer when necessary, warranty time is 2 years.

Application of the MSD3000-160 industrial dryer

This is a kind of high-temperature dryers, industrial dryers, so they are often used for two main purposes, including: 
– Civil use: to make dried and crispy for cereal seeds such as legumes, chia seeds, macadamia nuts, walnuts, cashews, almonds… used for instant food, granola and cereal powder.
– Industrial use: drying and heat treatment for materials such as paint, wood, plastic, mica, silicon, steel, molds, circuit boards…

MSD3000-160 industrial dryer have 2 independent chamber, suitable for drying up to 300kg

Technical parameters of MSD3000-160 industrial Dryer

Model MSD3000-160
Advantage  All-in-one, 2 independent chambers
Drying mode circulating hot air
Control system Manual+Auto / LCD screen
Drying process  fully automatic, multi-stage drying with different parameters
Input capacity  ≤ 300 kg/batch
Drying temperature  35°C ~ 160°C
Tray area  21.2 m2
Shelf spacing  80mm
Heating medium  Finned Tubular Heaters
Number of trays  30 pieces
Tray dimension 63*112*2 cm
Heating rate ≤ 30 minutes (without fresh material)
Power requirement  12 Kwh, 380V / 50Hz
Installation area (m2 20 m2
Machine outside dimension (W*L*H) 170*130*200 cm
Machine inside dimension (W*L*H) 65*120*140 cm/ 1 chamber
Trays material SUS 304, plate, hole ∅4mm
Shell / Frame material Outside: Powder coated steel / Inside: 304 stainless steel
Shell thickness 70~100 cm
heat insulation material heat resistant 250oc
Weight of machine (kg) 700 kg
Wheels 4 pieces
Manufacturer Mactech VN
Warranty time 2 years

industrial dryer with temperature range of 35 - 160, suitable for drying cereal and part of machine

The image above is drying cereal grains to create today’s popular products including granola, instant seeds, nutritious seeds, nutritious cereal powders. When Drying the seeds for preservation, only needs to be dried at low temperature of 50~80oc, while drying to eat, they need to be dried at high temperature of 100~140oc.

The image below is drying and shaping for some parts of machine, suitable for drying fake eyelashes, heat treatment for plastic, mica, paint, synthetic materials… With a maximum temperature of 160oc, it is usually applied to common products both in civil and industrial.

industrial dryer with temperature range of 35 - 160, suitable for drying cereal and part of machine

The advantage of Mactech industrial dryer?

  • The machine is durable and stable, small noise
  • The machine is very well insulated, inside 160 , the outside is lower than 40
  • Multi-stage drying mode at different drying temperatures and time
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive electronic controls
  • Users can easily replace components when needed.
  • Nationwide warranty service.

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