The Bamboo shoot dryer, drying shredbamboo shoots, large pieces

Mactech’s multi-function dryer can dry a variety of fruit and vegetable products, food, medicinal herbs…Depending on the type of product and production scale that needs to be dried per batch, we choose the type of dryer to suit the specific drying needs. For example, when drying medicinal herbs, drying small grains or drying bamboo shoots, it may be necessary to choose different types of drying trays and dryers. There are currently many bamboo shoot dryers on the market, but not all types provide good quality, beautiful colors, and even drying. With automatic bamboo shoot dryers, electric dryers will ensure much higher quality than bamboo shoot dryers using charcoal for heat because automatic control will always ensure the parameters of drying temperature, drying humidity, and drying time… are exactly as required.

Bamboo shoot dryer is one of Mactech's multi-function dryers. The product dries quickly, maintains color well, saves costs and time.....

Depending on the weight of product to be dried, You can choose a food dryer from a small one with 10kg to a large one with hundreds of kilograms of fresh bamboo shoots. The drying tray is completely made of 304 stainless steel and can be used as a perforated tray or a mesh tray. After being processed such as soaking, boiling, slicing or tearing bamboo shoots, they will be placed in trays. They need to be arranged moderately to ensure ventilation for uniform temperature and humidity circulation.

Bamboo shoot dryer is one of Mactech's multi-function dryers. The product dries quickly, maintains color well, saves costs and time.....


Basic parameters of bamboo shoot dryer

There are many types of bamboo shoot dryers, We give the following general parameters for your reference.

  • Size: depends on each machine type.
  • Drying weight: 10-50-100-200 kg or more.
  • Drying temperature:  35-95oC
  • Drying time: 6-15 hours depending on the thickness of the bamboo shoots
  • Electric capacity: 0.5kw- 5kw/h depending on machine type.
  • Electricity supply:  220V/380V/50Hz
  • Machine shell structure: 304 stainless steel or 1mm thick powder-coated steel, machine walls 50-70mm thick, inside the shell is filled with absolutely insulated foam.
  • Drying tray: 304 stainless steel perforated sheet or mesh.
  • Controller: Electronic control, LCD screen, displays many parameters including set temperature, actual temperature, remaining moisture, drying stage, electrical capacity….
  • Machine warranty: 2 years
  • Other technical parameters Customers can see the technical data sheet of each specific type of dryer.

Refer to some specifically suitable types of bamboo shoot dryers:

Models Capacity Temperature
MSD100 ≤ 10kg 35 ~ 95oC
MSD200 ≤ 20kg 35 ~ 95oC
MSD500 ≤ 50kg 35 ~ 95oC
MSD1000 ≤ 100kg 35 ~ 95oC
MSD2000 ≤ 200kg 35 ~ 95oC
MSD3000 ≤ 300kg 35 ~ 95oC
MSD5000 ≤ 500kg 35 ~ 95oC
MSD10.000 ≤ 1000kg 35 ~ 95oC

Muong Cada Company, dry bamboo shoots, uses MSD1000 dryer

Reference for drying bamboo shoots

In general, bamboo shoots are an easy-to-dry product because this product has a very high fiber content, easily evaporates water, and dries quickly. The important thing is how to dry to save costs and get a dried product of high quality, beautiful color, easy long-term preservation, and retain the natural flavor of bamboo shoots. With tuber shoots and wild bamboo shoots, before drying, the step of boiling the shoots is done first, then slicing the shoots into pieces according to the desired size. The next step is that the bamboo shoots will be squeezed by using a centrifugal machine, the final drying process will be done very quickly.

Bamboo shoot dryer is one of Mactech's multi-function dryers. The product dries quickly, maintains color well, saves costs and time.....

The temperature for drying bamboo shoots to have good quality is usually from 50-70oC, Do not dry higher because the bamboo shoots will shrink a lot and the color will not be beautiful. Please dry at low temperature to keep the product’s beautiful, natural, bright color. The drying time for sliced bamboo shoots is only about 8-12 hours, which is appropriate if the bamboo shoots are relatively dry.

Customers please contact Mactech directly via Hotline for specific advice or leave questions in the comments section of the article, We will help you answer all problems. Bamboo shoot dryers are shipped nationwide.

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