Mactech Freeze drying machine, dryer used for drying 3kg ~ 100kg

Mactech dryer company now provides dryers for many fields, in civil and industrial, drying a variety of products from drying fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, mushrooms and medicinal herbs… Dried products need to keep their shape, keep color and preserve good nutrition, then you should choose a freeze dryer. In this content, We will learn about Mactech freeze drying machine. If you want to see the website in Vietnamese, check it out at Website :

mactech freeze drying machine, used for drying 3kg ~500kg

In the below video, you can see the process of drying durian from the start to the end. This is the general drying process for everything, freeze temperature about -25oc in about 3~5 hours, drying temperature 40oc , chamber pressure < 20pa, total drying time about 30 hours.

Below are freeze drying machines of Mactech Company, Customers can choose to suit your needs:


MST30GD Freeze drying machine

MST30GD freeze dryer model is the smallest freeze dryer of Mactech manufacturer, that has a similar design with other large freeze dryers, used for drying small quantities with diverse drying needs in practice. Specifically, personal use, family use, laboratory, research, and business products are more personal, in this context, we will learn about the parameters of this drying machine.

MST30 Freeze drying machine, suitable for drying 3kg raw material

MST30GD Specifications
Chamber dimension (W*L*H) 60*65*90 cm
Input capacity  3kg/batch
Weight of machine  100kg
Trays  4 pieces , size 25*50*2 cm
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MST50GD Freeze drying machine

Customers need to use a small freeze dryer to dry up to 5kg of fresh material, suitable for family use, product testing, laboratory use, small-scale production … please Refer to the 5kg family freeze dryer model of Mactech. This model is specifically designed to meet the right purpose of use and moderate investment costs, ensuring good drying quality, and bringing great value to users.

MST50 Freeze drying machine, suitable for drying 5kg raw material

MST50GD Specifications
Chamber dimension (W*L*H) 80*100*130 cm
Input capacity  5 kg/batch
Weight of machine  120kg
Trays  5 pieces , size 34*40*2 cm
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MST100 Freeze drying machine

You need to dry less than 10kg of many products such as fruit, food or medicinal herbs, and probiotics… with drying characteristics that keep the shape, natural color, and nutrition … let’s think about the MST100 Freeze dryer of Mactech, that suitable for small and medium scale production. Freeze dryers always provide dried products with high quality such as keeping the original shape, keeping the color, and preserving the nutrients in the product. The current new-generation dryers have applied the principle of increasing heat according to pressure in the chamber, improving drying efficiency, and shortening drying time.

MST100 Freeze drying machine, suitable for drying 10kg raw material

MST100 Specifications
Chamber dimension (W*L*H) 130*110*160 cm
Input capacity  10 kg/batch
Weight of machine  300kg
Trays  6 pieces , size 34*55*2 cm
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MST150 Freeze drying machine

Although the freeze dryer is a very expensive dryer, it will produce a very high quality dried product and is evaluated on the basic factor of keeping the original shape, no shrinkage, no color loss, keep the nutritional value of the product. Therefore, this equipment is always the top concern of drying facilities. Mactech will introduce the MST150 freeze dryer model suitable for drying less than 15kg of materials for customers to choose.

MST150 Freeze drying machine, suitable for drying 15kg raw material

MST150 Specifications
Chamber dimension (W*L*H) 130*130*160 cm
Input capacity  15 kg/batch
Weight of machine  400kg
Trays  6 pieces , size 34*78*2 cm
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MST200 Freeze drying machine

A freeze dryer with a high capacity and high cost is required for the production of medium-sized dried goods with a batch weight of less than 20 kilograms. Since freeze drying requires a much larger investment than conventional dryers, the product that is dried must have a high value in order to be effective. The MST200 freeze dryer model is medium dryer of Mactech freeze drying machine, that suitable for drying fresh materials weighing less than 20 kilograms.

MST200 Freeze drying machine, suitable for drying 20kg raw material

MST200 Specifications
Chamber dimension (W*L*H) 140*155*160 cm
Input capacity  20 kg/batch
Weight of machine  500kg
Trays  12 pieces , size 34*57*2 cm
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MST300 Freeze drying machine

The 30kg material freeze dryer type is often only suitable for commercial drying scale since the materials that require freeze drying are of high value such as cordyceps mushrooms, probiotics, yellow flower tea, lotus marinated tea, drying food, drying durian, and spirulina powder. Furthermore, the machine cost is high, suited for manufacturing companies with the necessary investment. The specifications of the MST300 dryer will be described in this article.

MST300 Freeze drying machine, suitable for drying 30kg raw material

MST300 Specifications
Chamber dimension (W*L*H) 150*170*170 cm
Input capacity  30 kg/batch
Weight of machine  700kg
Trays  14 pieces , size 37*70*2 cm
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MST500 Freeze drying machine

If you want to manufacture many high-end products such as drying durian, crispy drying avocado, fish, and meat…that do not change the shape and color of raw material, you can choose the freeze-drying machine. In this post, we learn about the MST500 freeze dryer with a capacity of 50kg.

MST500 Freeze drying machine, suitable for drying 50kg raw material

MST500 Specifications
Chamber dimension (W*L*H) 200*135*200 cm
Input capacity  50 kg/batch
Weight of machine  1000kg
Trays  32 pieces , size 30*50*2 cm
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