Mactech industrial dryer, high drying temperature of 100 to 300 degrees

The industrial dryer is a line of dryers with a high drying temperature range of 35oc to 160oc / 200oc / 300oc, to be suitable for drying cereal seeds, drying industrial materials such as plastic, rubber, paint, mica, silicon, circuit boards, iron and steel, and surface heat treatment… Mactech industrial dryers have many types of machines suitable for drying scales from small to large, to meet many uses of customers.

mactech industrial dryer is suitable for drying nuts, kind of industrial materials

The common feature of industrial dryers is that with a high temperature of over 100 degrees, hot air circulates in the drying chamber. High insulation structure, inner surface is made of 304 stainless steel, the outside is usually made of heat-resistant powder-coated steel, the wall thickness is 70-150mm depending on each other model. Electronic control unit with automatic drying process, allowing multi-stage drying with different drying temperatures and times, adding safety features and alarms. Customers can use existing dryers or order dryer according to own requirements (private request).


MSD100-160 industrial dryer

MSD100-160 industrial dryer is the high temperature dryer with temp range of 35 ~ 160oc, this dryer is a smallest drying machine of Mactech Vietnam Technology Joint Stock Company. The device is manufactured to meet the needs of drying many kinds of products that need to be dried at a temperature range from 100 – 160oc, make sure the product is crispy and dried. Typical drying products of this dryer are cereal seeds such as soybeans, legumes, rice, cashews, almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, nuts and some industrial material such as mica, rubber, paint, iron, steal, fake eyelashes, hair, silicon…

msd100-160 industrial dryer, suitable for drying 10kg

MSD100-160 Specifications
Chamber dimension (W*L*H) 55*55*120 cm
Drying temp 35 ~ 160oc
Input capacity  10kg/batch
Weight of machine  60kg
Trays  6 pieces , size 30*38*2 cm
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MSD200-160 industrial dryer

The MSD200-160 industrial dryer from Mactech Vietnam Technological Joint Stock Corporation is the company’s small drying equipment, that is commonly used for drying about 10 ~ 20kg material with a temperature range of 35 to 160oC. This drying machine is made to satisfy the demands of drying for many products in civil and industrial, that must be dried at temperatures between 100 and 160oC, making sure the product is crispy and dried. Cereal seeds like soybeans, legumes, rice, cashews, almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and other nuts as well as some industrial materials including mica, rubber, paint, iron, steel, fake eyelashes, hair, and silicon are typical drying materials for this dryer.

msd200-160 industrial dryer suitable for drying material

MSD200-160 Specifications
Chamber dimension (W*L*H) 65*80*120 cm
Drying temp 35 ~ 160oc
Input capacity  20 kg/batch
Weight of machine  100kg
Trays  6 pieces , size 38*60*2 cm
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MSD500-160 industrial dryer

MSD500-160 industrial dryer is a specialized drying equipment for products that need to be dried at a temperature of 35 – 160oC, typically drying cereal seeds in just 30 – 60 minute, ensure it dried, crispy and instant. The dryer is very suitable for the nuts and industrial products such as plastics, printed circuits, wood, samples…
MSD500-160 high temperature dryer with many improvements from design, control software that can set drying in many stages at different temperatures… Frame structure with thickness from 70 to 100mm, the inner layer is completely made of 304 stainless steel, the outer layer is heat-resistant powder-coated steel, the machine has a beautiful and sturdy appearance, insulation up to 250oc.

msd500-160 industrial dryer, has temperature range up to 160

MSD500-160 Specifications
Chamber dimension (W*L*H) 90*90*150 cm
Drying temp 35 ~ 160oc
Input capacity  50 kg/batch
Weight of machine  160kg
Trays  10 pieces , size 56*63*2 cm
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MSD1000-160 industrial dryer

MSD1000-160 industrial dryer is a midle scale dryer, allowing drying of less than 100kg of common products in civil and industrial. This drying machine has a drying temperature of 35~160oC, suitable for drying variety of products from cereal seeds to industrial material and many components of machine. The drying method can sets up multiple automatic drying stages at different temperatures and times. To meet a variety of drying products and be flexible in use, for example drying a product that needs to be dried in 3 different steps, 1 hour of drying at 50 degrees, 2 hours after drying at 100 degrees and the last 3 hours of drying at 150 degrees, Users only need to set all the parameters once, then the machine switches the stage automatically and ends when the drying time is over.

MSD1000-160 industrial dryer, good for drying nuts and industrial materal

MSD1000-160 Specifications
Chamber dimension (W*L*H) 90*110*200 cm
Drying temp 35 ~ 160oc
Input capacity  100 kg/batch
Weight of machine  300kg
Trays  15 pieces , size 56*84*2 cm
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MSD2000-160 industrial dryer

MSD2000-160 industrial dryer has 2 independent drying chambers, so users can only dry 1 in 2 chambers when drying less and can also dry at different temperatures for products in 2 chambers. The drying method is still set in stages and applied to both drying chambers, which is characteristic of high-temperature dryer models. The 2-chamber high-temperature dryers all need to use 3-phase power and are suitable for large-scale production, drying up to 200kg of raw materials.

MSD2000-160 industrial dryer have 2 independent chamber, suitable for drying up to 200kg

MSD2000-160 Specifications
Chamber dimension (W*L*H) 160*115*200 cm
Drying temp 35 ~ 160oc
Input capacity  200 kg/batch
Weight of machine  500kg
Trays  30 pieces , size 56*84*2 cm
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MSD3000-160 industrial dryer

Msd3000-160 is a model of large high heat dryer, large industrial dryer with a drying chamber volume of nearly 3 m3 which is very suitable for industrial production scale for drying 200~300kg of products depending on type. With a drying temperature of 35~160oC, you can use the machine both in Civil and in Industry because suitable drying products will include many seeds that need to be dried crispy, dried meat products, dried components such as electronics, plastic, mica, material … Below are the specifications of MSD3000-160 industrial dryer.

MSD3000-160 industrial dryer have 2 independent chamber, suitable for drying up to 300kg

MSD3000-160 Specifications
Chamber dimension (W*L*H) 170*130*200 cm
Drying temp 35 ~ 160oc
Input capacity  300 kg/batch
Weight of machine  700kg
Trays  30 pieces , size 63*112*2cm
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