MSD100 Hot Air Dryer, circulation drying, suitable for drying 10kg material

MSD100 hot air dryer is the smallest hot dryer of Mactech Company, which is commonly used in families and small scale, meeting simple drying requirements such as drying food, onions, garlic, bamboo shoots, dried fish, dried meat….dried fruit, dried jackfruit, dried apple….dried medicinal herbs, mushrooms, plants… The compact dryer is convenient to use, the automatic controller is easy to adjust the drying temperature and other parameters. MSD100 dryer, also known as a food dryer, a fruit dryer with a price that is very suitable to use.

msd100 hot air dryer of mactech manufacturer

You can see more another hot air dryer in the table below

MODEL Input Capacity
MSD100 hot air dryer ≤ 10kg
MSD200 hot air dryer ≤ 20kg
MSD500 hot air dryer ≤ 50kg
MSD800 hot air dryer ≤ 80kg
MSD1000 hot air dryer ≤ 100kg
MSD1500 hot air dryer ≤ 150kg
MSD2000 hot air dryer ≤ 200kg
MSD3000 hot air dryer ≤ 300kg
MSD5000 hot air dryer ≤ 500kg
MSD10000 hot air dryer ≤ 1000kg


Components of the MSD100 hot air circulating dryer

The hot dryer has a fairly simple structure, including an electronic controller, a circulating fan, a humid fan, shell, a heater, wheel, a door lock and other electrical components. The machine is assembled for convenient maintenance and warranty, users can easily replace components when necessary.

Application of the MSD100 hot air dryer

The hot air dryer is used to dry common products in practice, medium price, suitable for many users, suitable for medium value products.

Dried fruits including jackfruit, mango, banana, dragon fruit, …
Dried vegetable including radish, kohlrabi, bitter melon, broccoli, celery, baamboo shoot…
Dried common herbs including trees, bulbs, roots, sliced branches, leaf, drying flowers to make tea…
Dried foods including meat, fish, seafood, pork, beef, shrym, sausage, bread…
Dried mushroom including Shiitake mushroom, cat ear mushroom, fat mushroom, seafood mushroom, straw mushroom, reishi mushroom…
Dried nuts including cashew, pistachio, pecans, almond, macadamia, peanut, hazelnut, sunflower seed, flax seed, cacao, pumpkin seed, chia seed, watermelon seed, soy nut, lotus seed, …

hot air drying machine suitable fof commontly products

Technical parameters of MSD100 hot air Dryer

Model MSD100
Advantage  All-in-one
Drying mode circulating hot air
Control system Manual+Auto / LCD screen
Drying process  fully automatic
Input capacity  ≤ 10 kg/batch
Drying temperature  35°C to 95°C
Tray area  0.7 m2
Shelf spacing  60mm
Heating medium  Finned Tubular Heaters
Number of trays  6 pieces
Tray dimension 30*38*2 cm
Heating rate ≤ 30 minutes
Power requirement  0.5 Kwh, 220V / 50Hz
Installation area (m2 2 m2
Machine outside dimension (W*L*H) 50*50*90 cm
Machine inside dimension (W*L*H) 38*35*55 cm
Trays material SUS 304, plate, hole ∅4mm
Shell / Frame material Powder coated steel /or Sus304 for inside/ or full sus304
Shell thickness 50~70 cm
Weight of machine (kg) 45 kg
Manufacturer Mactech VN
Warranty time 2 years

hot air drying vegetable

The advantage of Hot air dryer?

1, 100% natural without additives and preservatives.
2, Moisture after drying is 5~10%, can adjust humidity.
3, The color and shape of hot air drying products is beautiful.
4, The nutrition will be decreased when drying at high temperature.
5, The flavor or smell of hot drying products is not change more!
6, The shape of products after drying, especially fruits, vegetables, mushroom…has more water, will more shrinkage.

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