Fruit and vegetable dryers, drying equipment to enrich farmers

Vegetables and fruits are the products of Farmers. When there is a good harvest, the price often goes down, and the good price comes with a bad harvest. A surplus of fruits and vegetables during the main season will cause prices to decrease. Therefore, many Farmers had to sell at very low prices to be able to consume instead of letting it spoil. Finding a new direction such as drying vegetables and fruits for long-term consumption will help growers have a more stable income. Therefore, the fruit and vegetable dryer will be an enriching product for farmers.

Chrysanthemum Dryer, using many dryers at Rosa Valley Vietnam

Dried vegetables and fruits such as dried carrots, dried cabbage, dried squash, dried broccoli… are increasingly used because they are very convenient and easy to use, ensuring nutrients and food safety and hygiene. Fresh vegetables are not sold out when harvested or the price is too low, so they turn to drying for long-term consumption. This is a new direction with few people doing it, with a lot of potential for development. Drying vegetables properly will help the product retain its natural color, flavor and nutrients, and can be stored in cold rooms and vacuum-sealed food bags for a whole year.

Dried vegetables, when cleaned and stored carefully, will be much better than fresh vegetables because the pesticides will almost completely decompose after 2 weeks of use. Fresh vegetables are usually harvested 1 to a few days after spraying, so using dried vegetables is safer and is becoming more and more popular. In the refrigerator, you just need to always have a few boxes of dried vegetables such as carrots, bitter melon, radishes, kohlrabi, brocoli, potatoes….It can be used very conveniently and can be used for many quick-cooking dishes.

Vuon Ba Ba Company, specializes in producing soft dried fruits

Currently on the market there are many types of Food dryers for household use, very suitable to help the cooking person make their own dried fruits and vegetables for long-term use, very food safe. Mactech has many sizes of dryers suitable for many production scales from 10kg, 50kg, 100kg to drying tons of fresh products of all kinds. In addition to the household dryers that are very popular today, fruits and vegetables will dry better on some high-end dryers such as cold dryers, freeze dryers,….Low drying temperatures help vegetables retain their color better and their nutrients remain, unchanged.

To help Customers better understand the popular types of fruit and vegetable dryers, crispy drying and soft drying, please contact Mactech directly for specific advice.

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