Dalat University, use many Mactech’s freeze dryers and cold dryer

With the support from scientific and technical development programs of many Departments in the teaching field. Currently, schools from universities to vocational training centers and the cooperatives have better conditions to invest in specialized production equipment as well as modern equipment in the product research and development. The pictures below were taken at Da Lat University during a project to provide many dryers for research and production, including 2 multi-function dryers, 2 cold dryers and 2 the 15kg freeze dryers.

Dalat University, use many Mactech's freeze dryers and cold dryer

For new graduate students, the practical experience is a necessary source of capital to be able to survive more easily in today’s rapidly changing market economy. Equipment that has been used for many years in schools, colleges, vocational training, and universities is no longer suitable for today’s modern industry. Therefore, in order for Vietnam to be able to train the high-quality human resources, the training schools need to continuously supplement modern machinery and equipment. One of the important equipment in the field of agriculture, forestry, seafood, herbal production… is modern drying equipment.

With the same product such as ripe fruit, we can create many different types of dried products, but we also have to use different types of dryers. Therefore, to train students with rich knowledge, the school needs to invest in different drying equipment. Convection hot air dryers are often used for popular and common products such as dried bamboo shoots, dried cassava, dried fish, dried meat of all kinds, drying sliced herbal roots, drying bananas, soft dried jackfruit…The cold dryer is mainly used to produce vegetable powders such as pennywort powder, spinach powder, celery powder, produce canned dried vegetables for sale on the market, and dry turmeric starch, cassava, rice starch, medicinal powder…dried at low temperature to preserve color and nutrition.

Dalat University, use many Mactech's freeze dryers and cold dryer

Among the 6 dryers provided to Da Lat University as above, there are also 2 Freeze dryers. This is a high-end drying equipment, meeting the drying needs of high-end products with high drying requirements such as cordyceps mushrooms, lotus tea, spirulina powder, yellow flower tea, probiotics, and high-quality medicinal powders, drying crispy dried durian, drying crispy dried fruits of all kinds…Characteristics of freeze-dried products are that they are high dryness, crispy, spongy, retain their natural shape and color, and preserve high nutritional content, so the investment cost is high and it is difficult to apply to small production facilities with little capital.

Dalat University, use many Mactech's freeze dryers and cold dryer

Above is a little information about dryers at Da Lat University, Da Lat City, Vietnam. Customers who need advice on a suitable dryer for drying products and actual production requirements, please contact Mactech directly via the Hotline on this website so we can provide effective information, thank you for learning the shared content.

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