Industrial macadamia dryer, drying for preservation and instant drying

You need to use a large industrial macadamia dryer to meet large production needs during the domestic macadamia harvest season, specifically the Central Highlands region, so please refer to the Mactech company’s large macadamia dryer models for more options suitable for production scale. Below are some pictures of Macca dryers used at Manh Toan facility, Daklak.

máy sấy macca công nghiệp

Drying Macadamia nuts is a necessary and mandatory step before putting the nuts into storage for long-term storage or before packaging them to bring to the market to consumers. Therefore, the quality of macadamia nuts when used will completely depend on the process of drying and crisping the macadamia nuts. Unlike most cereals and commonly used cereal grain dryers, macadamia nuts have a lot of essential oils so they do not need to be dried at temperatures higher than 100oC, so an effective macadamia nut dryer only needs a range of temperatures. drying 35 ~ 100oc.

The image above is 2 large hot air dryers from MactechDryer used at Manh Toan facility in Daklak, including a 300kg dryer and a 500kg dryer. If you need a larger industrial macadamia dryer, you can refer to MSD10000 dryer with the ability to dry up to 1 ton of products at a time.

Industrial macadamia dryer, drying for preservation and instant drying

The process of drying macadamia nuts usually consists of 2 stages, Of course, you can only dry in one stage to ensure high quality nuts. Normally, after being lightly dried by moderate sun exposure, the seeds need to be dried with a dryer at a low temperature of 50-60oC to ensure the remaining moisture of the seeds must reach 10-20 %. With such dryness, the seeds can be preserved for a long time, but the seeds cannot be eaten yet, so to use them, they need to be put through a crispy drying period at 90-100oC, the seeds will not turn yellow, ensuring that the seeds do not turn yellow, Keeps it white without the bad smell of essential oils. With the above drying temperature, the macadamia kernel will be white, crispy and delicious.

kho hàng macca của cty Mạnh Toan, daklak

For other common cereals such as soybeans, black beans, peanuts, walnuts, cashews, pumpkin seeds… to dry and crispy and fragrant, higher drying temperatures are needed, usually 110 – 140oC, then you need to choose a industrial dryer group with a drying temperature range of 35 – 160oC to ensure high quality grain drying.

kho thu mua macca daklak

So through the above basic analysis information, you have a better understanding of industrial macadamia dryers and know how to choose a dryer with a drying temperature that is suitable for Mactech. Customers who need detailed advice on drying various types of products, please contact Mactechdryer via the Hotline on this website. Thank you for understanding the shared content.

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