Soft dried fruit dryer, we need to learn about dryer and drying parameter

Why You need to understand the crispy drying machine for fruit and the soft dried fruit dryer, because many customers have chosen the wrong drying equipment, so they feel that the production of dried fruit is difficult and expensive. Therefore, in this content, the author will analyze more clearly the methods of drying for fruits that are commonly practiced today.

When considering the aspect of natural characteristics of dried products, there is a big difference between ripe fruits and other groups of products such as vegetables, herbs, starch, fish, meat… Because in the ripe fruit there is a lot of sugar. Therefore, when using the same type of hot air dryers or heat pump dryers, they can dry crispy dried vegetables, dry crispy herbs, dry crunchy seeds, … However, drying the ripe fruits will give a soft dried product as soft dried jackfruit, soft dried pineapple, soft dried dragon fruit, dried banana… So, when it comes to soft drying machines, we only talk about drying for soft dried fruits, and the same machine when drying many other products will ensure crispy drying.

soft dried mango

So, the soft dried fruit dryer is the circulating hot drying machine that we are very familiar with, so drying at a low temperature of 40~60oC is suitable. To invest in the production plan of soft dried fruit, the cost will not be much because the dryer price is low, the drying cost is low, the drying time is 8~15 hours, so you will easily trade products such as soft dried fruit in the popular consumer market.

When you learn about fruit dryers, in fact, you will find it difficult to choose because fruits are easy to dry, drying at 50~60 degrees is also suitable such as drying jackfruit, whole bananas, dried dragon fruits, and dried pineapples. ….or use a heat pump dryer to dry at a lower temperature of 20~40oC is also suitable, but cold drying is often used for the production of detox fruits, herbal teas, and leaves….

So in case, you want to dry crispy for ripe fruits, which dryer should you use? For ripe fruit with a lot of sugar, it is not possible to use hot or cold drying methods, but it is necessary to use a freeze drying machine, also known as a sublimation dryer (you can see it at website máy sấy thăng hoa in vietnamese), this is a device to dry the product at a very cold temperature and in the vacuum drying chamber. The general characteristics of freeze-drying for the dried product are not shrink, not change its original color, is naturally sweet and crispy, and preserves nutrition very well.

With the above basic analyzed information, Readers have a better understanding of what type of dryer is and what drying product it is. Customers need advice on drying specific types of products with requirements for soft drying and crispy drying, please contact Mactech for appropriate information, thank you for understanding the shared content.

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