250 degree celsius dryer, drying temperature range of 35 ~ 250 degree

A dryer model at 250oc or 300oc with different sizes, different usage requirements, different features, different types of drying trays…You can be completely satisfied when Learn about Mactech’s dryer of high-temperature dryers. In this content, we will refer to some small sized 200-degree celsius and 250 degree celsius dryer.

The image above is a model of a 250-degree Celsius dryer with a drying chamber volume of only nearly 100 liters, the internal size of the machine is 38 x 35 x 60cm, the inner material is completely stainless steel 304, the outside is powder-coated steel, the shell of The machine is 100-120mm thick, ensuring very good insulation, when the inside of the machine reaches 250oc, the outside is < 40oc. Therefore, Mactech’s high-temperature dryer models all have thick and very sturdy frames.

With a drying temperature of 40 – 250oC, these dryer models are usually only used in industrial fields when it is necessary to dry electronic components, dry plastic, mica, iron and steel, paint, dry false eyelashes, wigs .. .and many other materials need drying or surface treatment. You can refer to some customers of Mactech such as Dong Tam Tech Company, Parker company, Infac Vina company…This video below is MSD100-250 industrial dryer, you can learn about it.

Depending on the needs of the customer, choose a industrial dryer of the right size, the drying tray can be from 20x30cm, 38x60cm, 56x63cm, 56x84cm or a type of drying tray with the required size. The internal dimensions of the machine include Width x Depth x Height, so the customer can calculate the appropriate size for the drying equipment to be used. In these videos, You will get a basic understanding of the structure of the machine and the special shape of Mactech’s device. This video below is MSD200-200 industrial dryer, you can learn about it to choose.

The 250 degrees Celsius dryer models or other models of Mactech’s dryers now use their electronic control unit, so the drying features are very suitable for the needs of users by the control software are updated every year, adding new features to better meet users’ drying requirements.

Customers can make specific requirements for use such as adding features of timer to turn on the machine, remote control, multi-stage drying, ….many the new and special control features that customers have proposed and have been met. Customers can contact with Mactech directly for advice and provide information that best suits your requirements, thank you for reading the content shared on this website.

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