The 200 degree high heat dryer, manufactured on request of customer

Many types of small industrial dryers have now been produced to meet the great demand on the market today. In civil production, small scale, private production sector… a lot of high temperature dryer equipment is needed with a wide drying temperature range from 35oC to 200oC or up to 300oC. In this content, we will learn about MactechDryer’s 200 degree high heat dryer to see if it meets our usage requirements or not.

máy sấy nóng 200 độ c, sấy linh kiện điện tử, sấy vật liệu, sấy công nghiệp

Some examples of basic drying products that require a 200oC high-heat dryer include drying electronic components, drying plastic materials, mica, paint, molds, machine parts, plating, rubber, etc. silicone, wigs, false eyelashes… with functions such as drying, hardening, softening, shaping… even in actual household production of dryers, this drying cabinet is also used to produce instant cereal products. Currently, MactechDryer is providing many high-heat dryer models with different drying temperature ranges, appropriately and effectively meeting customers’ usage requirements for each different type of drying product.

máy sấy nóng 200 độ c, sấy linh kiện điện tử, sấy vật liệu, sấy công nghiệp

The images in this content are the high-heat dryer model MSD200-200 with a drying chamber volume of about 200 liters, including 6 drying trays sized 38x60cm and a drying temperature range of 35 – 200oC, meeting many uses in food. international. You can find out the detailed technical specifications of this dryer model in the link above. These are popular dryer models with design features suitable for most practical applications today. Of course, there are many products and drying requirements that require different types of drying trays, such as hanging, hooks, flat trays, holes, mesh trays… so you need special drying equipment, please contact us. Contact Mactech directly for the most appropriate response. You can see more industrial dryer to choose.

máy sấy nóng 200 độ c, sấy linh kiện điện tử, sấy vật liệu, sấy công nghiệp

The 200 degree High heat dryer models are often used to make dryers for electronic components, materials, paint, plating details… with small drying chamber volume, compact size, and insulated frame. up to 300oC and especially you can set the drying program at many different temperature and time stages, very suitable for heat treatment and drying of complex materials.

For more detailed advice and if you want to see directly or design equipment that meets the requirements for optimal use in production, please contact MactechDryer directly via the Hotline on this website, thank you have learned the share content.

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