Peanut drying machine, learn about dryer and drying temperature

You need to dry crispy peanuts and ready-to-eat for business such as packing bags for tourists, packing bags for supermarkets, and shops, or supplying beer bars, and pubs…You can do it easily when using Mactech’s crispy peanut dryer with suitable drying features that ensure the peanut tray is dried evenly, evenly cooked, beautiful color, keeping the peanut shell is still intact.

The images in the content are all actual drying products that taken at Mactech’s customer’s production facilities. Specifically, the image of dried peanuts is crispy and cooked by Ms Tâm in Cua Lo, Nghe An, Viet Nam, producing peanuts to supply restaurants at Cua Lo, sales locations for tourists… The finished product from the peanut drying machine, the peanuts have the advantage that the color of the peanuts is very even, bright, and evenly cooked, so the quality of peanuts is always much better than using a rotary roaster because roasting the seeds makes the seed shell easily changed color and peeled.

When you use a peanut dryer with its drying temperature range from 40 to 160oC, it will ensure multiple drying stages at different drying temperatures and times, suitable for drying to preserve products at low temperatures 40 ~70oC, then dried crispy and ready-to-eat at a high temperature of 120~140oC for 30-40 minutes. To refer to the dryer models for cereals, peanuts, macadamia…with different drying scales from 10kg 20kg to several hundred kg of raw materials, please refer to High temperature dryer with many models to choose (or Máy sấy nhiệt độ cao in Vietnamese).

The peanut drying machine currently has 2 groups of dryer for you to choose from, if you only need to dry it for storage, dry it at 50 ~60oC is suitable, dry it like drying under the sunshine, then you should use group 1 equipment as the hot air dryer with a drying temperature range of 40 ~ 95oC, only for drying to preserve. Group 2 is crispy drying and ready-to-eat, temperature 40 ~160oC, suitable for both drying like group 1 and crispy drying for instant eating. Therefore, depending on the needs of use, you choose the appropriate, efficient and reasonable price drying equipment.

When using a dedicated crispy dried peanut dryer, in addition to drying peanuts, you can also produce current trending products such as drying instant cereal grains, producing cereal powder, drying macadamia, almonds…do wide range of drying temperature 40 ~ 160oc, so you can apply it to the production of many products.

Through the above basic information, Readers have learned more about how crispy dried peanuts are. Customers need more detailed advice on drying products of all types and suitable and effective dryers…please contact Mactech for detailed information, thank you for understanding the shared content…

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