Plastic pellet dryer, drying for industrial materials, temp 35 – 160 degrees

To dry plastic pellets as shown below, you can use many types of dryers with different drying principles, such as drying tray in a circulating convection drying chamber, vertical drying machine, or rotary drum drying. …In small production facilities with molded plastic products, most currently use plastic pellet dryers with circulating convective heat drying, which is suitable and has a low cost. In this content we will learn specifically to choose when needed.

tủ sấy linh kiện 1000 lít, nhiệt độ sấy linh kiện 100 đến 300 độ c

The image above is a plastic pellet dryer with low heat drying requirements, 35 – 95oC. This is a hot air dryer model with the convection heating principle, suitable for drying all types of materials after cleaning with water. , or re-dried due to mold and humidity during storage. The drying temperature range is just under 100oC, so it only meets the drying function for the product, so customers need to pay attention when choosing drying equipment with an effective drying temperature range.

khay sấy hạt nhựa, tủ sấy linh kiện công nghiệp

For drying and heat treatment requirements at higher temperatures, specifically from 35oC to 160oC or higher, use high temperature dryers with different machine sizes, drying tray types and features. different controls to best suit actual usage requirements. The image below is a plastic pellet dryer used at Hoang Phat company, in Nam Dinh province, specializing in drying plastic pellets in small quantities, drying many types of pellets with different colors at the same time. The commonly used drying temperature is 100 – 130oC, so choosing a high-heat dryer group is appropriate.

máy sấy hạt nhựa, sấy nguyên vật liệu công nghiệp

MactechDryer currently provides plastic granule dryers with many drying scales, from drying 10kg to drying hundreds of kg of material at a time, however our dryer lines are almost only produced according to the same hot drying principle. convection, using drying trays as shown above, industrial dryer MSD1000-160 with 15 drying trays.

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