300 degree celsius dryer, suitable for drying many types of material

You need to use the 300 degree celsius dryers and the same drying device of 300 degrees Celsius, which is a drying temperature range of 40 ~ 300oc, Mactech can provide many types of the modern and suitable drying equipment with many control features or meet new features according to specific usage requirements. Some of the images below are industrial drying equipment at the customer’s companies that are using Mactech dryers, readers can refer to it for better understanding.

high temperature drying machine, dehyrator, with 300 degree celsius max temp, suitable for industrial

The 300-degree Celsius dryer or other popular high-temperature dryers of Mactech today all operate on the principle of circulating convection heat drying, that is, in the drying chamber, there is a continuous circulating wind to provide heat to the product on trays with the high accuracy. Therefore, when using the dryer, you will see a strong wind blowing in the drying chamber when opening the door, there is no light emitted from the heat bar, so users should pay attention to the use of appropriate protective equipment when opening the door of the high temperature dryer. Because the hot wind of 200 – 300oC blowing out when opening the door is also a problem to pay attention to when taking the product.

The models of high-temperature dryer are usually shaped as below, depending on the size of the machine used on request, customers can choose accordingly, from 100liter, 200liter, 500liter drying chamber to several cubic meters. Therefore, customers can choose from available, popular models or can make according to the demand of customer with suitable sizes and suitable features.

high temperature drying machine, dehyrator, with 300 degree celsius max temp, suitable for industrial

You can access the MSD500-300 industrial Dryer model for detailed information of the machine with a moderate size, or at the homepage of this website there are many models to choose from. Basically, the structure of the drying chamber is the same as the image above, the shell of the machine is 120-150mm thick and uses a special insulation material that can withstand 400-500 degrees Celsius, ensuring that when the inside is 300oc, the outside is less than 40oc… The machine uses an electronic controller with many effective drying features, suitable for the needs of industrial applications, and can be set to dry in many stages with different drying temperatures and times.

high temperature drying machine, dehyrator, with 300 degree celsius max temp, suitable for industrial

The picture above is a model of a 300 degree Celsius dryer with 2 independent drying chambers currently being used at Mectech Vina company in Phu Ninh, Phu Tho, Viet Nam, to produce products in the field of wigs, false eyelashes and other industrial products. Mactech now offers many models of high heat dryers from 40oC to 160oC, 200oC and 300oC to suit industrial products, parts or materials. Customers need advice on drying dehyrators and dryers with appropriate requirements, please contact Mactech through the Hotline numbers at this website, thank you for understanding the shared content.

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