Marinated lotus tea dryer, drying lotus tea with scale of 50 – 200 flowers

Drying lotus tea, also known as drying lotus-marinated tea, is a necessary step to create high-quality lotus-marinated tea products. You need to understand the current drying method to choose a marinated lotus tea dryer to use suitable. Mactechdryer has provided many different dryer models to customers, so You will advise on the right type of dryer you need, please contact us directly.

máy sấy trà ướp bông sen, cách sấy trà sen

The image in this content is a small lotus tea dryer model with the ability to dry an average of 70-90 lotus tea flowers, used at a lotus tea production facility in Xom Chua, Dang Thai Mai, Quang An, Tay Ho, Hanoi. The demand for producing whole lotus tea is increasing, not only because of the good effects of lotus flowers but also because this is a trend in the field of tea production for tea lovers. Therefore, using a dryer is necessary to bring to the market high quality dried lotus tea products, preserving the flavor and color of the lotus flower and lotus stem and ensuring high dryness for long-term preservation.

The image below is a 5kg Freeze dryer, drying 70-90 lotus tea flowers, suitable for small-scale drying of high-end, crispy dried products such as dried durian, crispy mango, crispy strawberries, dried tea lotus, drying cordyceps mushrooms, drying yellow flower tea, drying powder solutions… Currently, for tea marinated with lotus flowers with large sizes of 5-6cm in thickness, only freeze drying can ensure complete dryness which maintains good quality, does not change the color of the lotus stem or lotus flower. Common drying methods such as hot drying or cold drying are not suitable for this lotus tea product.

máy sấy thăng hoa cho sấy trà sen

A drying process for lotus-infused tea usually lasts about 35 – 40 hours depending on the thickness of the lotus. In fact, there are many types of lotus with different sizes, West Lake lotus is usually larger in size than other areas.  After being completed, lotus camellia will be put into the drying chamber to dry without needing to be stored in the freezer. In a freeze drying process, there are usually 3 main stages: 1 is freezing the product to -25oC for 4-6 hours, 2 is vacuuming the drying chamber to reach a pressure of < 50pa, 3 is the drying stage to increase heat for When the product is completely dry, the temperature on the product needs to reach about 30oC. Note that when drying is complete, the lotus tea needs to be bagged or canned for storage to avoid absorbing moisture from the air.

máy sấy trà sen tại tây hồ, hà nội

Because the house did not have enough space, the dryer was temporarily placed in a covered garden, next to the lotus pond, where the machine was placed in a very cool place to ensure the lotus tea dryer worked effectively. You need to pay attention to the surrounding environment to ensure the dryer operates effectively, cools quickly and cools deeply.

So, through a little information introduced above, it has helped Readers know the Marinated lotus tea dryer is what type of dryer. Customers who need more advice on the correct dryer to use, please contact Mactechdryer directly via the Hotline on this website. Thank you for understanding the shared content.

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