Hoan My Zipper Company, uses MSD200-200 dryer, temp 35-200

There is a lot of information from Customers that we are not allowed to publish on Mactech’s media channels because it is internal information. Therefore, we only have a few images of using dryers at customers’ factories, especially foreign companies or joint ventures. The Hoan My Zipper Company is also such a customer, below are some pictures for your reference.


Hoan My Zipper Company, uses MSD200-200 dryer, temperature 35-200 oc

The image above is the page of Hoan My Zipper company and you can find out more details with the facebook link above. However, these are activities of company employees in union movements, sports, give gifts during the holidays… For the foreign companies or joint ventures, the market is mostly in the international market. Therefore, there will not be many marketing and sales activities in Vietnam, so there will not be many images of product production stages published on media channels.

Hoan My Zipper Company, uses MSD200-200 dryer, temperature 35-200 oc

The main products are all kinds of zippers such as plastic zippers, nylon zippers, metal zippers, plating zippers…And during the production process, the zippers need to be made in different, eye-catching colors to suit the customer’s requirements. To produce zippers with suitable colors, the drying step is indispensable. Below is an image of a high temperature dryer used in industrial production. With the MSD200-200 dryer that Hoan My Zipper Company has used to effectively dry all types of zippers with different paint and plating colors, the temperature needed to be used is 100-200oC.

Hoan My Zipper Company, uses MSD200-200 dryer, temperature 35-200 oc

The component dryer group is a specialized drying equipment in industrial fields with the principle of convection and circulation drying and the drying temperature is usually in the range of 35 ~ 300oC. Depending on the purpose of user, size, shape and quantity of products, Customers choose the appropriate drying chamber size. For example, Therm-x System company is currently using a large component dryer model with tray shelves specifically designed to fit hanging products. You can refer to it to understand more.

Above is some basic information about Mactech’s customers who are currently using a few of component dryers of different scales, Hoan My Zipper Company. Customers who need advice on a dryer suitable for their usage requirements, please contact Mactech directly via the Hotline on this website for more suitable options. Thank you for learning the sharing information.

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