Hoang Huynh Cooperative, Bac Kan, a model for production cooperatives

The images in this content are taken from the zalo of a customer who is using a Mactech hot air dryer in Ba Be, Bac Kan, Vietnam, which is Hoang Huynh Cooperative. This is a cooperative model of dried agricultural product production that has developed very well in recent times and is increasingly being replicated in other areas with the same conditions and resources in the provinces. In this content, we will learn about typical drying products and suitable dryers.

Handover ceremony of large capacity dryers to the Hoang Anh Cooperative in Ba Be, Bac Kan of BAC KAN PROVINCE FARMER’S ASSOCIATION.


Common drying products

To develop a sustainable production model and bring quick profits to the cooperative itself as well as to the households collaborating in production in the cooperative, we need to rely on available raw materials. From available raw material sources such as bamboo shoots, bananas, flowers, tea, persimmons, avocados, …. to areas with many herbal and medicinal plants, producers can have a suitable development scale to calculate the inputs, outputs, profits and goods that can be supplied to the market. In the early years of the 21st century, many projects were developed with large capital resources to grow new types of fruit trees or precious medicinal herbs, however, due to the time from implementation to harvest being very long, need many years. Therefore, the effectiveness of these projects is not as high as developing from existing things. Hoang Huynh Cooperative develops from available products with very suitable raw material prices, while the market is always ready to pay high prices for high quality processed products.

Of course, to be successful, we must focus on high-value products, novel products, safe products, and products that suit our tastes. As shown in the image, we can see the typical products of Hoang Huynh cooperative including whole dried bananas, Gynostemma tea, tea bags, wild seed banana, clean bamboo shoots and many other unique products.

Suitable drying machine

Hoang Huynh Cooperative received a batch of multi-function dryers from Mactech at the equipment handover ceremony of the Farmers’ Association of Bac Kan province in 2020.

For dried products from fruits, vegetables to common medicinal herbs as in this content, using a Circulating hot air dryer with a drying temperature range of 35 – 95oC is very suitable. The drying temperature depends on each specific product that the manufacturer sets most appropriately to obtain high-value dried products, retaining color, preserving natural flavor, and preserving nutrition in the product. In general, for fruits, vegetables, and medicinal herbs, drying at temperatures lower than 60oC is best.

The image above is a batch of dried whole bananas and banana chips in Ba Be district, Bac Kan province. This is a 200kg hot air dryer model, suitable for drying and soft drying many types of products. Just ripe bananas will be dried immediately to get a beautiful shape and color. Do not dry overripe bananas because they will not taste good and will be difficult to dry. Hoang Huynh Cooperative has taken advantage of the banana raw materials available in households near and far for convenient purchasing, helping people sell products at good prices while also opening up stable farming for people around the area.

Soft dried banana
Soft dried banana, temperature drying at 50 – 70oc

The picture below is a famous Gynostemma tea product on the market with many good health effects such as stabilizing blood pressure, reducing stress, reducing blood fat, etc. The product is completely dried and retains its beautiful color, then cut into small pieces suitable for making tea bags or other uses.

That is basic information about current cooperative-scale production in provinces with suitable raw material sources, typically Hoang Huynh cooperative in Ba Be district, Bac Kan province. Readers who need to learn about the production model to gain experience, please contact Mactechd Viet nam directly or find more information about Hoang Huynh Cooperative in the newspapers, radio, and Google. Thank you for reviewing the shared content.

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