One-sun shrimp dryer, drying high quality dried shrimp and dried fish

Dried shrimp products are very familiar to consumers in all parts of the country today, however, one-sun dried shrimp products are not as popular even though the quality is much better than dried shrimp (dry in the sun). Because one-sun dried shrimp only dry the outside surface, the shrimp meat inside is still fresh, so it needs to be stored in the freezer, making it difficult to sell widely in stores. In this content we will learn about one-sun shrimp dryer for shrimp, one-sun fish, and one-sun dried seafood to use.

tôm sấy khô một nắng, máy sấy tôm khô phù hợp

Many livestock and crop farmers are only used to a job that is too boring and basic, so many agricultural and aquatic products have to be sold at cheap prices when something goes wrong with the market. In today’s era of super-fast and super-wide economic trade, those who want sustainable development will need to prepare early for this situation. Many products may sell well this year and think next year will too, but everything changes suddenly when the economic situation worsens, political instability, and recession, so we cannot be subjective.

For the aquaculture industry, specifically shrimp farming, shrimp dealers… in addition to purchasing and selling fresh shrimp directly, it is also necessary to develop unique products that can be consumed easily and widely, for example, sun-dried shrimp like the images in this content. Shrimp meat is split in half and marinated with some common spices, mainly hot chili, salt… to dry to create a delicious, nutritious and cheap food. One-sun shrimp dryer are not expensive equipment, so small establishments can invest and build their own effective sales channels, creating many ways to make money.

tôm sấy khô một nắng, máy sấy tôm khô phù hợp

The way to make dried shrimp as above is not complicated. You just need to peel fresh shrimp, split them in half as shown, then marinate with spices for a few hours to infuse, then place the shrimp on a drying tray to dry to the right level. properly dry before canning and preserving. The effective drying temperature for single-sun shrimp is drying at 50 – 60oC for about 2 hours, so you need to use a multi-function dryer (hot air dryer) with a drying temperature range of 35 – 95oC along with the principle of circulating heat. The above images are of a shrimp purchasing facility in Vinh Chau Town, Soc Trang province, currently using a number of Mactech dryers to meet the moderate scale of sun-dried shrimp production, currently develop markets nationwide.

xưởng sản xuất tôm sấy khô, thuỷ sản khô

One-sun-dried food products such as one-sun-dried beef, one-sun-dried fish, one-sun-dried squid and one-sun-dried shrimp… are increasingly popular because the surface is dry and solid but the meat inside is still fresh, delicious, soft, that’s why consumers can store it in the refrigerator to use when needed. One-sun drying is a quick drying style, only the surface needs to be dry, 1-2mm of dryness is absorbed, the rest inside the core is still fresh and soft, so when preparing dishes the flavor will be retained better than drying completely.

So through the above analytical information, Readers have learned what a dried shrimp dryer is like that is both completely dried and also dried in the sun. Customers who need advice on drying specific products, please contact Mactechdryer directly via Hotline, thank you for learning and sharing information.

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