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Mactech Vietnam Technology Joint Stock Company – formerly known as Mactech Vietnam Co., Ltd. – a leading company in the field of research and production of precise temperature control and humidity control devices in Vietnam such as circulating hot air dryers, heat pump dryer, vacuum dryer, freeze dryer, incubator for chicken eggs and many other modern thermal control devices, all devices are controlled by a modern, central electronic controller with many effective features for users.

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Since the early 2010s, Mactech Vietnam has begun researching precise thermal control systems based on basic knowledge and learning high-tech platforms from Japan and Korea to develop the innovative high quality products are produced domestically, providing users with efficient drying machines that saves on usage costs and low investment.


Each group of dryers with different drying principles, different drying temperatures,…will be used for drying different products, with different drying requirements, different drying characteristics…so Customers need to understand clearly what the required characteristics of the dried product are, what it is used for… to ensure choosing the right dryer to use.

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I. Circulating Hot Air Dryer – This is the most popular group of drying equipment today with an average drying temperature range of 35 ~ 100oC, suitable for drying many common dried products such as dried bamboo shoots, dried fish, dried beef, dried cassava. , dried squid, dried fruit, dried jam, dried vegetables, dried medicinal plants, dried flowers for herbal tea, tapioca starch, dried turmeric powder… and many other dried products need to use this group of circulating hot dryers. Mactech Vietnam offers many drying scales, Customers can choose on this website or contact us directly for the most suitable advice. See details….



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II. Industrial Dryer – with a higher drying temperature range than common drying needs, specifically 35oc ~ 160oc or 200oc, 300oc, depending on the actual product drying needs, customers choose the appropriate dryer. For example, for cereal grain products that need to be dried and crispy, choose a drying temperature of 35 ~ 160oC, and for drying industrial components and raw materials, choose a drying temperature range of 35 ~ 300oC to meet drying and heat treatment requirements for materials. This group of dryers is mainly used in industry and products that require additional drying functions such as drying for cereals and meat to be able to eat. Customers should contact directly to choose a dryer with appropriate size, drying temperature and effective usage features. See details

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III. Heat Pump Dryer – For some product groups, it is necessary to dry at lower temperatures than normal to ensure crispness, maintain natural color, and better preserve nutrition. Specifically, drying within the temperature range of 10 ~50oc. Drying products that often use heat pump drying include pennywort powder, moringa powder, celery powder, vegetable powder in general, turmeric, herbal tea, fruit detox tea, dried vermicelli, dried vermicelli, dried Sliced herbs, dried flowers to make herbal tea… These are typical products that need to be cold-dried. Customers can see details at the website or contact directly through the hotline on this website to Mactech Vietnam Technology Joint Stock Company provides effective consulting information.



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IV. Freeze Dryer – Completely different from the above drying methods, freeze drying is a very complicated drying method, drying at negative temperatures, freezing the product, drying in a vacuum chamber, the drying temperature range is usually used from -40oc to 50oc. The distinctive feature of freeze-dried products, whether they are overripe fruits, soft and spongy vegetables, dried flowers, dried meat, or dried powder solutions… then after drying, the product still retains its original shape, Natural color, crispy, spongy. That is a completely different characteristic compared to hot drying and cold drying. If you really need such high quality drying, see details at website



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Mactech Vietnam dryers have many types of dryers suitable for different purposes and drying scales of Customers. Depending on the needs of each customer, MactechDryer will advise and guide how to use the machine, adjust parameters, and use the drying process to best suit each type of product. In the Drying Process section on the website, there is a lot of basic information on how to dry each common type of product. For detailed instructions, customers need to contact directly via Hotline or zalo.


Customers using dryers from Mactech Vietnam Technology Joint Stock Company enjoy a long-term warranty policy and are provided with all replacement parts for free during the warranty period, and the parts are delivered to customers home for replacement or the company’s technical staff directly warranty in necessary cases. Below is the necessary information for customers to refer to and contact for warranty when the device has problems during use.

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