Crispy dried peanut dryer, learn about how to dry peanuts ready to eat

Drying and ready-to-eat drying are two different stages and give different results, so Readers need to understand to buy the right dryer for their needs. The drying machine is used to dry a part or most of the water in the product, meeting the requirements of long-term product preservation. The drying machine (high drying temperature) is also used to cook the product and ready to eat. In this content, we will learn about the crispy dried peanut dryer so that we can choose the most effective model.

Common drying machine and cereal dryers are different, with the same drying principle, only the maximum drying temperature is different. When the drying temperature is different, it will meet different drying requirements such as drying and ready-to-eat drying. The images in this content are crispy dried peanut dryer that ensures high quality for ready-to-ea peanut dry when drying at high temperature 120 ~ 130oc, it is not like roasting, that’s why the shape of the peanuts will be More beautiful, more uniform color.

All of current cereals nut such as beans, peanuts, sesame, pumpkin seeds, macadamia, walnuts, almonds, sachi… all need to dry with 2 drying stages from harvest to the edible products, including the drying stage at low temperature, using hot air dryer, drying to a suitable degree of dryness for long-term preservation, and the second stage is drying to eat immediately with high temperature.

Therefore, depending on the initial moisture content of the raw materials, we use one drying stage or two drying stages. For example, if the peanuts have been dried, humidity about 10-15%, you only need to dry them until they are crispy and ready to eat at 120 – 130oc for 30-40 minutes or shorter time, and if you dry them from the cereal that are not dry enough, the beans have been soaked with honey, germinated seed … then it is necessary to dry with 2 stages including drying 2-4 hours at 50-70oC to dry enough, then drying stage 2 at 120-140 degrees for 30-40 minutes to ripen the seeds.

The above analysis shows that the crispy dried peanut dryer needs to have a high enough drying temperature to ripen the nuts and can be dried in multiple stages automatically, making it convenient for the user to dry the seeds from different types of seeds such as dry or wet state. Mactech now offers a wide range of dryers suitable for different production scale of customers, in the High Temperature Dryers section on this website will help you find dryers with drying ability per a batch, from 10kg, 20kg, 50kg, 100kg or up to 500kg of raw materials.

Through the above basic information, Teaders have better understand about drying machines for crispy ripening peanuts or other cereal grains. Customers who need more advice on dried products and know how to choose the right dryer, please contact Mactech for more information, thank you for sharing.

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