Winter melon dryer, produces squash tea effectively and beautiful color

From winter melon, squash and many other vegetables, you can make herbal teas that are very good for your health and can create a trend in the herbal tea business such as detox fruit tea, lotus flower tea, winter melon tea, fragrant squash tea, ginseng tea, rose tea, chrysanthemum tea… there are many types of tea that you can produce and trade in today’s flat world. In this content, we will learn about the winter melon dryers so that you can choose the right type of dryer to use when you have a specific plan.

trà bí thơm ba bể bắc kan

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When drying agricultural products, vegetables, herbs, etc., you only need to use a circulating convection dryer, also known as a multi-function dryer (circulating hot air dryer) with a drying temperature of 35 – 95oC Suitable for common products, quick drying and cost-effective. This is also the squash tea dryer that you need to use when you want to produce squash tea, fragrant squash tea or other herbal teas.

trà bí thơm ba bể, máy sấy trà bí thơm, bí đao

Mactech currently provides dryers for herbal tea, vegetable tea, fruit tea… to many customers in the field of herbal tea production, so we have a lot of experience in the field of production. This herbal tea. The drying temperature commonly used for drying squash, squash and herbs in general should be set at 40 – 60oC, avoid drying at higher temperatures because it will reduce the nutritional content of the product. When drying at a higher temperature, the product dries faster but at the same time it also reduces nutrition and color, so we need to choose a good drying method for product quality. In many cases we need to choose a heat pump dryer for fruit tea such as detox fruit tea, crispy drying of leaves to make powder such as pennywort, moringa, celery…

máy sấy trà bí đao, trà bí thơm, htx địa linh ba bể bắc kan

So you have clearly understood the appropriate drying method for winter melon tea, fragrant squash tea, and herbal tea in general. Customers need advice on winter melon dryers of different sizes, so please contact Mactechdryer via HOTLINE on this website for effective advice. Thank you for understanding the shared content.

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