1000 liter part drying cabinet, temp 100 ~ 300 degrees, use in industrial

The 1000 liter part drying cabinet may be a large piece of equipment for private manufacturing facilities, but it is quite a small device when used in industrial, such as LS Viet Electric Cable and System Company Viet Nam is currently using some of 1000 liter component drying cabinets from Mactech to arrange in plating components production departments in the electrical industry. In this content, readers will learn about some commonly used component dryer models.

tủ sấy linh kiện 1000 lít, nhiệt độ sấy linh kiện 100 đến 300 độ c

Component drying cabinets, also known as electronic component dryers, are indispensable industrial drying equipment in today’s industrial production fields, depending on the products and materials that need to be dried that the customer chooses. Choose the right dryer, drying temperature range and drying tray for the product. The image above is a model of a 1000 liter part drying cabinet with a common drying tray used to dry aluminum panels after painting and plating with different colors, used in industrial electrical boxes, the drying temperature used for the product is This product is usually suitable at 100 ~ 160oc. With other materials such as plastic pellets, mica, rubber, fabric, synthetic materials… You can use lower or higher temperatures up to 300oC to suit the best.

tủ sấy linh kiện 1000 lít, nhiệt độ sấy linh kiện 100 đến 300 độ c

For plastic granules and small sized materials, you can use a drying tray with a mesh surface on top and a stainless steel sheet underneath as shown below for large drying trays. Because small mesh panels often have high stretch, are difficult to stretch flat, and are difficult to ensure they do not tear during long-term use, so small mesh panels should come with a standard tray type such as a perforated stainless steel sheet as shown in the picture. image. The image below is a type of drying tray for plastic pellets used on a high temperature dryer, ordered by Hoang Phat Co., Ltd.

khay sấy hạt nhựa, tủ sấy linh kiện công nghiệp

With the 1000 liter component drying cabinet model, you can choose the appropriate drying temperature range, effectively and save investment costs, such as choosing 35 ~ 160oc, 35 ~ 200oc or 35 ~ 300oc. In the video below is a similar drying oven with a maximum drying temperature of up to 200oC that you can refer to and choose as you see fit, or order production according to specific requirements, choose your own size, and your own control type. , specific features, specific temperature…

Through the above basic information, Readers have learned more about the 1000 liter part drying cabinet with basic parameters. Customers can order production according to the most suitable usage requirements, please contact Mactechdryer via hotline. on this website so we can provide appropriate information. Thank you for learning and sharing content.

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