Low heat industrial dryer, learn about machine types and applications

In the group of industrial dryers that we often look for to dry all types of products, there are groups of low heat industrial dryers and high-heat industrial dryers. Therefore, to help Readers understand the overview of dryers and practical applications, and how to choose appropriately, MactechDryer always tries to explain technical phrases on this website.

máy sấy công nghiệp nhiệt thấp, sấy hàng khối, máy sấy mactech

The most basic current understanding of the industrial dryer is that dryers are large in size and have a large drying scale. This is true but not enough. In the industrial drying group, there are several other subgroups and are applied in different fields, including low heat industrial dryers with an average drying temperature range of 35 ~ 100oC, suitable for drying vegetables, fruits, and herbs. , dried food… and a group of high-heat industrial dryers with a drying temperature range of 35 ~ 200 ~ 300oC to meet the requirements for drying, crispy cereal drying and heat treatment for industrial materials, components, machine parts, paint materials, plastics, mica… in the fields of production and manufacturing industries. 

máy sấy công nghiệp nhiệt thấp, sấy hàng khối, máy sấy mactech

The applications of dryers used in civil and industrial use are different, the drying temperatures are different, the drying requirements are different, so the equipment costs are also quite different. That’s why customers need to choose the right type of dryer to use so as not to waste the cost of investing in drying equipment. For example, when you only need to dry common vegetables, fruits, and dried meat but think that sometimes you will also dry cereal to make instant cereal, that’s why you want to buy a high-temperature dryer to dry above applications, but in actual use it is mainly low heat drying, so you have wasted the initial cost.

The image above is drying whole dried chili peppers, ensuring the dried chili peppers are crispy and retain their natural beautiful red color and are only dried at low temperatures of 50 – 80oC, this is also the general drying temperature for most agricultural vegetables, common dried products, dried meat, fish and dried fruits, etc. Therefore, the low-heat industrial dryer is Mactech’s hot air dryer line with a drying temperature range of 35 ~ 95oC specialized for common and popular dried products on the market today.

 máy sấy công nghiệp nhiệt thấp, sấy hàng khối, máy sấy mactech

The image above is a model of a low-heat industrial dryer with a drying volume of 100-150kg of product (raw material). The machine includes 30 drying trays sized 56x63x2cm, suitable for medium drying scales, easy to use, easy to move. The technical specifications of the dryer are available on the HOME page of this website when you click to view the specifications of each dryer model from 10kg to 1 ton of product.

So, we have a basic understanding that low-heat industrial dryers are large-sized drying cabinets but have a low drying temperature range, 35 – 95oC, used to dry water in products, usually Applicable to vegetables, fruits, dried meat and fish, herbs, starch… High-heat industrial dryers are drying cabinets with a high drying temperature range of 35 – 300oC, used to dry water , solvents, surface heat treatment of materials, components, hardening or softening of materials… If you need advice on drying specific products, please contact Mactechdryer directly via Hotline so we can provide Appropriate information, thank you for learning and sharing information.

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