The 6 sensors Heat dryer or 4 temperature sensors, uniform heat control

The circulating convection dryer with increasingly superior improvements that Mactech is applying to its drying equipment will help dryer users achieve higher quality, uniform drying results. In this content, we will learn the basics of the principle of using multiple heat sensors on the dryer, specifically with the 6 sensors heat dryer as shown in the video below.

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In the video, there is a 6 sensors heat dryer but divided into 2 independent drying chambers, meaning each drying chamber will have 3 heat sensors placed in 3 different locations. With conventional thermal dryers, only 1 sensor is used to measure the heat at the input or output position of the circulating air flow in the drying chamber, then the thermal controller only receives and processes signals from 1 sensor unit. As for dryers with multiple sensors, the controller will have to process many signal parameters at the same time to display parameters as well as control heat according to all measured sensors. If any sensor fails, it will use the remaining sensors for further drying, so using multiple sensors always has more advantages, but the dryer is certainly more expensive.

The Mactech Dryer is currently applying the gradual improvement of using multiple sensors for a large drying chamber on both hot air dryers (low temperature) and high temperature dryers, ensuring control of the drying temperature of both the inlet and outlet air of the drying chamber, to ensure that the inlet temperature does not exceed the set drying temperature by 5oC, and to ensure that the outlet air temperature reaches the correct drying temperature set for the product.

Among the popular dried product groups today, dried products have characteristics such as softness, weak texture, lots of water… specifically vegetables, zucchini, ripe fruits… then when drying, it is easy to encounter a situation where some parts are wilted, even burned black, and some parts are not yet dry. The reason lies in the problem that the drying chamber is too large and only uses one temperature sensor at the outlet air, leading to the inlet air having a temperature much higher than the required level, so the product will be difficult to dry evenly. Therefore, when controlling the heat according to many sensors placed both at the inlet and outlet air, the drying temperature will be controlled within a narrow range to help the product dry evenly as desired. 

You can see another high-heat dryer model in the industrial dryer group.

The above basic analysis has shown you the principle of using multiple temperature sensors in a large drying chamber. You need to refer to a thermal dryer with 6 sensors for 2 chambers, 3 sensors for 1 drying chamber… please contact MactechDryer directly via Hotline so we can give appropriate advice. Thank you for understanding the share content.

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