Crispy drying and soft drying, learn about difference and suitable dryer

Drying for ripe fruits will be different from drying vegetables, herbs or drying products without sugar, because ripe fruits have a lot of sugar, so drying is divided into 2 product groups, the first group is soft drying and the second group is crispy drying. Therefore, customers need to understand the difference between the crispy drying and soft drying for fruits to know to choose the suitable production direction

crispy dried mango and soft dried

Soft dried fruit is a dried product with a certain soft, toughness, dryness, softness, such as soft dried bananas, soft dried jackfruit, soft dried dragon fruit, soft dried mango … We can make the soft drying to eat immediately or soft drying to make detox fruit tea, but it is the same way of drying. When you produce products including soft dried fruits, soft dried jams, detox fruit tea … you need to use a hot air dryer is the most suitable, drying soft dried fruits, drying crispy dried vegetables, drying completely dried herbs, drying dried meat, dried fish, drying dried bamboo shoots, drying starch … Only ripe fruits have a lot of sugar, so the hot dried product is soft dried.

Crispy drying and soft drying, especially the Soft dried and crispy dried fruits will differ in drying methods, different in the choice of dryer to use, so customers who need to dry for fruit products must understand clearly to consider which production method to choose to suit the whole consumption market, investment costs and production manpower. The time for soft drying of sliced fruits is usually from 8-15 hours depending on the thickness of the product, while for crispy drying, the average time is 25-30 hours to get a batch, so crispy drying will cost more.

the difference between crispy drying and soft drying methods for ripe fruits

In order to dry the fruits ensure crispy and dryness, you need to use a sublimation dryer at homepage in this website (you can see it in vietnamese at máy sấy thăng hoa), this is a drying machine with a much more special principle than thermal drying, so the costs associated with crispy drying for fruit will not be as simple as soft drying. When you learn about the price of crispy dried fruits on the market today, you will find that the product price is quite high, a bag of crispy dried jackfruit only about 15-20 jackfruit pieces costs up to several hundred thousand VND, so you need more to understand crispy drying, let’s see this video below.

With the ripe fruits have a lot of sugar, the principle of soft drying is only need to provide hot air to evaporate water, while the crispy drying principle is to freeze the product to -30°C before drying in a vacuum drying chamber. Therefore, the investment cost of dryers for soft drying and crispy drying is completely different.

So, with the above basic information in the topic of crispy drying and soft drying for fruits, Readers have the better understand about this topic and know how to choose a suitable dryer. Customers need more advice on drying products of all kinds to meet the popular market and high-end market, please contact Mactech, thank you for learning the sharing content.

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