Brown rock sugar dryer, we learn about the drying machine for rock sugar

Brown rock sugar (called ‘Đường phèn mật mía’ in Vietnamese) a very familiar product to us and this is really a good quality sugar, has little effect when used a lot because this sugar is crystallized from molasses, not refined sugar like white sugar . The way to make brown rock sugar is easier than the white sugar, in the production process will need to be dried accordingly, in this content we will learn about the suitable brown rock sugar dryer.

brown rock  sugar, it made from molasses of sugarcane

Currently, there are many type of sugas on the market, such as white sugar, brown sugar, brown rock sugar …in this topic, we just discuss about the drying way for brown rock sugar.
When watching the video below You will really understand how to make rock sugar, You can learn through the video or contact the manufacturer directly to buy the product and learn how. In the process of making this sugar, it will be necessary to use a brown rock sugar dryer to ensure the drying of the product before packing and exporting to the market. There is a certain amount of water in rock sugar, so it needs to be dried to make sure it doesn’t bleed (get wet again) during use. Please note that when using rock sugar, it needs to be stored in the refrigerator, avoid to absorb moisture from the air.

The brown rock sugar dryer is the current Mactech Hot air dryer with a drying temperature range of 35~100oC, the drying principle is that the air in the drying chamber will blow circulating in the drying chamber, so ensuring a uniform drying temperature, Dry evenly for all kinds of products. Drying rock sugar only needs to be set at a drying temperature of 50 ~70oC, and should not be dried higher, basically, the lower the drying, the better. The average drying time with the product shown in the video above is usually about 10~15 hours.

Mactech’s hot air dryer, circulating drying, suitable for common products

When you use a convection heat dryer, you can dry a variety of common products from dried fruits ( jackfruit, soft bananas, dried dragon fruit, dried fruit jam…), dried vegetables, drying medicinal herbs, dried meat, dried fish, starch… Therefore, you can combine drying of many types of products to improve production efficiency in business. When drying plant and animal products, you should note that they should be dried at a low temperature, below 60oC to ensure good nutrition.

Through the above basic information, Readers have a better understanding of which type of brown rock sugar dryer is and what parameters it has. Customers need advice on drying products of many other kinds, please contact Mactech for detailed information, thank you for understanding the shared content.

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