Dried snake dryer, drying all kinds of snake, refer to actual snake drying

A snake drying facility in Vinh Son, Vinh Tuong, Vinh Phuc is currently using a 300kg hot air dryer model from MactechDryer to specialize in drying many types of snakes. You can refer to understand a dried snake dryer is what kind of dryer. Below are pictures of dryers at the factory of this private unit. Dried snakes are mainly exported to the Chinese market.

máy sấy rắn khô, sấy rắn nguyên con, cách sấy khô rắn

If you need to learn about a whole dried snake dryer to use, you certainly know a lot about this type of drying product. Basically, it is similar to drying dried meat, dried beef, dried buffalo with product big size. The drying temperature for a whole (gutted) snake curled up as shown in the picture is usually 50 ~ 70oC, which is appropriate. The drying time depends on the thickness of the product, as shown in the picture, it is usually 15 – 20 hours.

After removing the intestines, the snake will be rolled up and placed evenly on the drying tray like the image above. Because the person using the dryer took a slightly blurry photo, it is difficult for us to see the product on the tray clearly, but we can see it relatively well. Depending on the size of the snake, the appropriate number of drying trays is used to ensure ventilation for the product to dry quickly. Forced circulation of hot wind in the drying chamber will ensure the product dries evenly, reaching the required dryness in a short drying time.

máy sấy rắn khô, sấy rắn nguyên con, cách sấy khô rắn

The image above is the MSD3000 hot air dryer model with the ability to dry 200 – 300kg of materials depending on the different weight characteristics of each product. The drying temperature range of the dried snake dryer only needs to be used from 35oC to 95oC, which is suitable for drying meats such as dried beef, dried chicken, dried fish, dried pork, dried buffalo… just need to do the same for the drying function. You can choose from Mactech’s Hot air dryer group to have more dryer models suitable for practical use.

máy sấy rắn khô, sấy rắn nguyên con, cách sấy khô rắn

The common type of dried snake dryer is like that, forced circulation hot air drying. If you need additional drying function to dry meat or dry cereals ensure the products is cooked to eat, then choose a high-temperature dryer with a drying temperature range of 35 ~ 160oC to meet the requirements. For example, Chung Tai Food Company, which specializes in drying buffalo meat, is also currently using this line of high-heat dryers. You can refer to it to understand more.

Customers need to refer to some types of dryers for dried snakes, dried meat, or drying many other products, so please contact Mactech Dryer directly via the Hotline on this website so we can provide effective information. Thank you for understanding the shared content.

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