Household banana dryer, suitable for drying many type of fruits, vegetable

Bananas are extremely popular fruit products in our country, so dried banana products have often reasonable prices and easy to make. Depending on the needs of production, customers can choose dryers with different scales, in this content we will learn about household banana dryers, along with different ways of drying with ripe fruits.

The image above is a whole soft dried banana that is dried by a 20kg household banana dryer. Particularly for soft dried bananas, the drying temperature needs to be high when drying in the first stage, then reduced to low temperature for complete drying. The total drying time with whole bananas is usually about 15-18 hours, so users need to understand about drying this product when conducting production.

Currently, there are many dryers on the market, so customers will have more options with diverse costs. However, the choice is not easy, Mactech Dryer provides many hot air dryer (also known as a civil dryer) with a drying temperature of 35 – 95oC, which is very suitable for customers to dry soft dried fruits. The household banana dryer has many dryer models for 10kg, 20kg and 50kg of raw materials, You can dry a variety of fruits, dried vegetables, dried meat, dried herbs …

Below is a summary table of some types of hot air dryers for customers to choose from, the drying ability is calculated according to fresh materials, If you choose a home banana dryer, you can choose 1 of 3 drying machines: MSD100, MSD200 and MSD500.

MODEL Input Capacity Nhiệt độ sấy (oc)
MSD100 hot air dryer ≤ 10kg 35 ∼ 95
MSD200 hot air dryer ≤ 20kg 35 ∼ 95
MSD500 hot air dryer ≤ 50kg 35 ∼ 95
MSD800 hot air dryer ≤ 80kg 35 ∼ 95
MSD1000 hot air dryer ≤ 100kg 35 ∼ 95
MSD1500 hot air dryer ≤ 150kg 35 ∼ 95
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The dryers analyzed above when used to dry the ripe fruits, we only get soft dried fruit products such as jackfruit, soft bananas, soft dried dragon fruit, soft dried mango … In case you want to dry crispy dried fruits, you need to use another dryer. Many customers still mistake between crispy drying and soft drying, thinking that low heat drying is soft drying, and high heat drying is crispy drying. You need to use a sublimation dryer to ensure the crispy drying of fruits, drying at negative cold temperatures and in a vacuum drying chamber (you can see at website máy sấy thăng hoa in vietnamese.

Through the above basic analyzed information, Readers have a better understanding of household banana dryers and larger dryers for production. Customers need more advice on drying products to meet the requirements, please contact Mactech for appropriate information, thank you for learning the content shared.

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