The 20kg industrial dryer, what temperature do you need to dry?

When talking about 20kg dryers used in industrial form, we will learn about some 200oc and 300oc high temperature dryer models from Mactech to be able to choose a 20kg industrial dryer that meets the right requirements. bridge. With equipment like this, you can use it both in industry and in civil use when you have a suitable product that needs drying.

máy sấy công nghiệp 20kg, nhiệt độ sấy 35 - 200 - 300 độ c

Today, with the diversity of needs for drying, crispy drying, heat treatment, heating, hardening, softening materials… in both civil and industrial use, any dryer can be used, as long as it meets the requirements and fits the cost that can be invested in production. Circulating hot air dryer models with a drying capacity of 10kg, 20kg or 50kg are not called industrial machines because of the low temperature of 35 – 95oC and low drying volume. Only high temperature dryers are often called industrial machines. .

The image above is the MSD200-200 high temperature dryer model with a volume of nearly 200 liters, a drying temperature of 35 – 200oC and a drying weight of about 20kg depending on the product’s weight. Normally, for household dried products such as vegetables, herbs, meat and fish… we can easily estimate the volume of dried products, as for industrial products such as plastic, mica, iron and steel, rubber, machine parts, painted objects… the weight can be up to 30-40kg of products are also suitable for using this dryer.

In the video above is a 20kg industrial dryer with model MSD200-300, which means the drying temperature is 35 ~ 300oc. This device is usually only used in industrial fields because of its high drying temperature, only suitable for industrial materials. Industrial dryers have many suitable features that are rarely applied to the common dryers, because the drying temperature range is very wide so they can be applied easily, for example drying one product through many different temperature levels in different time periods, the drying process is performed automatically with previously set parameters.

In addition to introducing Mactech’s dryer models, the customer reference section on this website also has a lot of content summarizing the business models of customers using dryers, especially in the field of startups with high-tech products. Dried products from soft dried fruits, dried vegetables, food, dried meat and fish… to other special products. This is also a form of marking support for customers who need to post advertisements, we can post content on available online channels.

Through this information, Readers have more information about 20kg industrial dryers with different drying temperatures. Customers need more specific drying advice for a certain product, so please contact MactechDryer directly via Hotline to be provided with appropriate information. Thank you for understanding the shared content.

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