Soft dried product dryer, suitable for drying fruits, flower, herb

You need to use a soft dryer to produce all kinds of dried fruit products, soft jams, soft dried meats…but don’t know which dryer line to choose, in this content Mactech will analyze about suitable drying equipment to help customers easily choose the right type of dryer to use.

soft dried banana with the drying method is circulating hot air drying

The images in this content are all provided by customers who use Mactech’s hot air dryer to produce soft dried bananas, dried jackfruit, soft dragon fruit, dried pineapple, and many other products… be assured of the truthfulness of these analyses. In the group of ripe fruits to conduct soft drying, only the drying of whole bananas is different because drying bananas need to be done in 2 drying stages with different temperatures, the first stage is drying at 80oc for about 2 hours for the bananas to have a beautiful color, melt honey, then reduce to drying slowly at 50oC. As for other soft-dried fruit products such as dried jackfruit, dragon fruit, dried pineapple, and dried persimmon…just drying at a low temperature of 40-60oC is most suitable.

Soft dried product dryer is the common name of Cicurlating hot air dryers used to dry products with a lot of sugar such as ripe fruits, sugar-marinated jams, etc., then the dried product is soft, eye-catching, sweet. As for drying sugar-free products such as vegetables, many types of flower used to make tea, drying bamboo shoots, leaves, drying cereal grains, …., the product is still dry and crispy. Therefore, drying is soft or crispy depending on the type of product, with or without sugar.

soft dried banana with the drying method is circulating hot air drying

The image above is also a dried banana and the image below is also a dried banana, but the color is different because these are two different types of bananas and also due to different drying methods. If only drying at a low temperature of 50-60oC from beginning to end, bananas will not be yellow but still retain their original white color, while drying at 80oc for 2 hours for the purpose of making sugar ingredients in Bananas flow to the outside, making the original color of bananas to change into the honey color. The actual color also depends on the type of banana such as dwarf banana, western banana, wild banana…Other fruits do not change color when dried.

soft dried banana with the drying method is circulating hot air drying

When you use a soft dried product dryer for fruits such as a dryer for soft bananas, dried pineapples, dried jams, etc., of course, it is still suitable for other products such as dried vegetables, dried bamboo shoots, dried fish, and mea, dried starch, dried medicinal herbs… by the drying principle is convection heat drying, circulating wind blowing in the drying chamber. That’s why this line of dryers is called a multi-purpose dryer, commonly drying products in practice.

With green bananas, wild bananas or other products such as drying yellow chrysanthemums, drying to make herbal teas like these pictures, are also very suitable for convection heat drying. Therefore, when you choose a soft dried dryer for ripe fruits, it is not only suitable for drying fruits but also suitable for drying other common products. In case you want to have the crispy dried fruit products such as jackfruit, crispy pineapple, whole durian, strabery, etc., let’s use a freeze drying machine, also called máy sấy thăng hoa in Vietnamese.

drying for flower to make herbal tea 

Through the above basic information, Readers already know that soft dried product dryers for fruit are still the group of civil or multi-function dryers on this website, thereby helping customers no longer have to worry when choosing a soft dryer. Customers need advice on drying different types of products with different drying requirements such as brittle drying, soft drying…please contact Mactech for appropriate information, thank you for understanding the sharing content. 

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