Nhan Thien Tam An Company, produces vegetable powders

Another small production unit of dried vegetable powders that you can refer to, to learn how to produce and trade products on the market. This is also a customer of Mactech in Vung Tau province, Vietnam, that is currently using 100kg and 200kg heat pump dryers to specialize in the production of high quality vegetable powder such as pennywort powder, celery powder, fish mint powder, perilla powder… Below are pictures from Nhan Thien Tam An company, let’s refer to them.


Nhan Thien Tam An Company, produces dried vegetable powders

Cold dried vegetable powder products (drying by cold air dryer) are increasingly popular and commonly used because they have many good effects for the body and health. For example, adding nutritional content from vegetables through daily drinking, adding fiber, stabilizing blood pressure, reducing stress, detoxifying…That is information that you can search on Google to understand more.

There are 2 types of vegetable powder products that we can produce, group 1 is a group of thin leaf vegetable powders such as pennywort, celery, perilla, fish mint…used to make daily drinks. This is a group of cold-dried vegetable powder products of Nhan Thien Tam An company.
Group 2 is tuber powder used for cooking porridge for children, porridge for the elderly, sick people and used in many other instant foods to supplement nutrition from vegetables.

Nhan Thien Tam An Company, produces dried vegetable powders

For the group of thin leaf vegetable powders used to mix drinks like the products below from Nhan Thien Tam An company, we should use a cold air dryer. The Cold drying method will ensure crispy drying as well as keep the natural color and preserve the nutrition of the dried leaves. Among the current drying methods including hot drying, cold drying, freeze drying,… cold drying is highly effective, saves drying costs and has a suitable price for the production of vegetable powders today.

Nhan Thien Tam An Company, produces dried vegetable powders

If You want to start a business in the field of manufacturing and selling products like this (vegetable powders), You need to focus on marketing first. Because that is the important step in deciding whether a business will develop or not. Today’s sales channels are very open for everyone, from people with a lot of money to people with little money, even people with very little money can still do it. But we need to find ways to suit existing conditions to optimize investment costs.
This is a very important step that many people do wrong. If you have to borrow a lot of capital to invest in good equipment from the beginning, this often creates great financial pressure when the initial business is not favorable. Therefore, you should do it step by step, even buy and resell products before opening a factory.

Nhan Thien Tam An Company, produces dried vegetable powders

The image above is the product drying area of Nhan Thien Tam An company with 2 cold dryers of 100kg and 200kg of drying materials. With fish mint, pennywort, and perilla, it should be dried at an average temperature of 30 ~ 40oC for 12~15 hours. The drying time can be longer and depends on the amount of dried product. For tubers such as kohlrabi, carrots, radishes, potatoes… to dry crispy for grinding flour, they need to be cut thin and small to easily dry crispy. If you need to dry a variety of vegetables or large pieces, you can refer to the freeze dryer. This is also a good crispy drying device but the cost is expensive, you need to consider.

So through the basic introduction above, Readers have some more reference information about making cold dried vegetable powder. Customers who need advice on drying many products with different applications, please contact Mactech Vietnam directly via Hotline to receive effective information. Thank you for learning the shared content.

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