Home turmeric starch dryer, suitable for drying up to 10kg

You produce turmeric starch in small quantities of less than 10kg of wet powder material for use at home and in small businesses, so use MactechDryer’s home turmeric starch dryer to best meet small scale production With low investment cost and high efficient drying. In this content we will refer to several types of dryers with suitable sizes and suitable drying temperature ranges for common powders.

Home turmeric starch dryer, suitable for drying up to 10kg

Home product drying is growing day by day because everyone wants to create an extra job and then if it’s convenient, it will become a main job. We more and more want to be free in making money, so home and individual business models … are becoming a strong trend, especially for those who have a lot of free time. Such as government employees, teachers, office workers… The home turmeric starch dryer is suitable for drying turmeric powder, and many other products such as cassava powder, dried vegetables, dried beef, dried fruit, and dried jam. …so the producer can try many products to expand the business, increase income.

The image above is a versatile dryer model, also called Hot air dryer, with a drying scale of up to 10kg of materials, a common drying temperature of 35 ~ 95oC, or a high drying temperature of 35 ~ 160oC to meet the drying of cereal seeds. With turmeric, cassava starch… should only be dried at a low temperature of 40~60oC to ensure that the powder is dry, porous, and not lumpy, please note that drying at high temperature will easy to cook powder, lumpy and not beautiful color, should not be dried more than 60oC. 

tinh bột nghệ sấy khô pha nước, sử dụng tiện lợi, sấy khô màu đẹp

Today, with the support of online sales channels for small producers, home businesses, and individuals, anyone can create a few suitable sales channels. Great opportunity, era for personal business development. So, if you can’t take advantage of it, it’s really a pity, Mactechdryer has supported customers in the problems of dried goods production, see the References section, and we will also post information about products with contact information to help sellers easily reach potential buyers. Try to take advantage of every advertising channel that can be posted for free to make your business more effective.

Home turmeric starch dryer, suitable for drying up to 10kg

The image above is one of the home turmeric dryers with versatile drying applications for small production, drying 5 ~ 10kg materials of all kinds. If you need a drying temperature range as high as 160oC, you choose a high-temperature dryer to improve the application of the dryer, making small businesses more efficient and diverse.

So through the above basic information, Readers already know which dryer to choose for turmeric starch, please choose the MSD100 hot air dryer or MSD100-160 industrial dryer model to use. Customers need more advice, please contact Mactechdryer via Hotline, thank you for understanding the shared content.

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