Dried ginger dryer, drying temp 35 – 95oC, to meet drying from 10-500kg

Dried ginger, dried turmeric or other dried herbal roots are also suitable for drying at a temperature of 40~60oC for good quality, use dried ginger in the form of thin slices or ginger powder, turmeric powder …are all suitable. In this content, we will learn about the high efficient dried ginger dryer, suitable for drying a variety of herbs, both sliced with different thickness.

Whether you are drying slices of ginger, turmeric, ginseng or sliced ​​herbs, they only need to be dried at a low temperature of 40~60oC, which is most suitable for common drying product. Drying ginger slices, we can use it to make ginger tea, make medicine or make ginger powder, you use the hot air dryer with the drying temperature range of the machine is 35 ~ 95oC will be suitable for many common drying products. Therefore, you need to find a dried ginger dryer, dried turmeric, dried ginseng … then this dryer line is the most suitable.

Depending on the needs of the product, we have many the different drying options, When you make starch, you will usually grind it into a fine powder, filter the starch and then dry it, the most common way is drying turmeric starch, If using in the form of dried slices or make the ginger powder include fiber, drying before grind is most suitable.

dried ginger dryer, residual humidity 10-15%, how to dry ginger

For common herbal groups such as ginger, turmeric, garlic, lemongrass, cilantro, ginseng areca, herb root, … you just need to dry at a temperature of 40~60 is most suitable, no need to use the complicated drying methods. Except for some cases of drying really high-quality products such as dried mushroom, yellow flower tea, dried starch from a liquid state, it is better to use a freeze dryer, ensuring every products will dry and brittle, keep the original shape and color.

dried ginger dryer, residual humidity 10-15%, how to dry ginger, how to make ginder powder

Multi-function dryer or circulating hot air dryer is suitable for drying slices of ginger, turmeric, herbal roots and other products as fruits, vegetable, … because the convection heat drying principle is very suitable for these products, drying quickly, keeping beautiful colors, preserving very good medicinal properties. Drying cassava slices, potatoes, dried bamboo shoots, areca ginseng, … all achieve high efficiency, drying time for sliced products is only 4~6 hours, and drying large pieces or whole roots is usually 10-15 hours.

dryer for herbal root...

So with the above basic information, Readers already know what type of dryer can apply for the dried ginger and turmeric to ensure high quality, at the same time, user know the suitable drying temperature. Customers need more advice with each type of product, please contact Mactech to be provided with the necessary information, thank you for understanding the shared content.

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