The multiple thermal sensors dryer ensure precise drying temperature

Why does the dryer have to use many thermal sensors in different locations? Because that is the way to know the temperature at different locations and is also the way to control the drying temperature in the machine most evenly, not exceeding the allowed value. MactechDryer will introduce to Readers about the multiple thermal sensors dryer to have more options when needed.


Advantages of multiple thermal sensors dryers

Typically, small and medium-sized drying equipment only uses 1 temperature and humidity sensor to control the entire drying chamber. The uniformity depends on the arrangement of circulating air flow inside the machine, normally, horizontal air is blown from both sides, evenly distributed from top to bottom. However, with large drying chambers and high-demand drying equipment, it is necessary to use many thermal sensors in different locations along with a drying temperature controller that processes the sensors at the same time to have appropriate control actions. When you can control the temperature and humidity in different locations in the machine, the control software will have many parameters to process, thereby making the dryer more accurate.

Normally, the sensor locations in the drying chamber are on the top, middle, and bottom of the drying chamber. There may be a few more positions on the surface or inside of the product to improve the accuracy of the drying temperature, however, the control will be very complicated in the data processing process, so production costs will increase, reducing business efficiency. Depending on whether each type of product is special or not, we choose the most effective dryer, bringing more profits in production. The image above is a custom-ordered MSD1500 hot air dryer from MEDICON company with 4 sensors in each drying chamber.

The application of this dryer in practice

Complex drying equipment such as multiple temperature sensors dryers are often only used in necessary cases, especially in the medical, materials, and industrial fields because there are always products that need to be dried at the right temperature, the more accurate the better. Dried fruit dryers and food dryers usually do not need to use many sensors because the temperature difference in the drying chamber is 3-5 degrees and does not affect product quality.

In the medical field, the drying equipment with multiple thermal sensors is often used because high-precision drying is required, supplies such as absorbent membranes, test strips, probiotics, solutions, powders, drugs, chemicals… are need to dry or heat treatment to meet the required temperature and humidity. These dryers using many sensors are developed from existing dryers such as Circulating hot air dryers with a drying temperature range of 35 – 95oC and heat pump dryers with temperatures from 10 – 50oC, Using additional sensors If you need to use a more specialized controller, Mactech can meet the complex requirements of customers.

So through the basic information above, readers have learned more about the multiple thermal sensors dryer and how it operates. Customers who need more information should contact Mactechdryer for more advice, thank you. Thank you for understanding the shared content.

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